A Mother’s Pain

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A Mother’s Pain

As I open my window I hear an agonizing sound.
Throughout the garden the sound rebounds.
As I look out the window I see,
a baby robin lying under the apple tree.

Flapping its  wings, the little one cries in pain.
I fear its cries will soon be in vain.
Suddenly, its mother swoops to the ground,
and tries to lift her babe from off the ground.

Helplessly, the mother cheeps in grief.
Her precious one she will not leave.
With her beak she puts food into its mouth,
but her little one spits it out.

Sadly, the little one soon passes away,
but the robin from her babe won’t go away.
Flapping its wings, the mother painfully cheeps.
Like a human it sounds when in pain we weep.

As I look at the robin, the loss of my son I remember.
Memories of him will remain with me forever.
Filled with grief, tears soon fill my eyes.
I will always remember the day my baby died.

A child’s loss is painful for any mother to bear.
Maybe one day my grief will disappear.
Painfully, the robin still continues to cry.
It’s something I’ll remember until I die.

Suddenly, the robin flies way up on high
towards the darkening, evening sky.
Its babe it has finally left on the ground.
Solace for this mother I pray, will be found.

By Hilda Simmons

In awe of nature’s beautiful landscapes, Hilda Simmons finds nature’s beauty has a calming and inspirational effect on her. Originally from Guyana, formerly British Guiana in South America, Hilda now lives in Lethbridge, AB enjoying her retirement. Her poems touch on love of nature, love of family, loss of loved ones, animals and spirituality. The Poetry Institute of Canada in British Columbia has also published some of her poems.


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