A Winnipeg Woman’s Spiritual Journey

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Adventures with Spirit_cover

Adventures with Spirit: The Healing Journey

Xlibris, 2012

96 pages

Softcover: $16;

Hardcover: $25;

ebook: $10 or less

Available from online sellers and locally at McNally Robinson Bookstore, Prairie Sky Books and Elemental Book & Curiosity Shop. Excerpts and info at xlibris.com and sueostapowich.org

Adventures With Spirit is the first of a series of three books that Winnipeg’s Sue Ostapowich, a retired psychiatric nurse who worked with people with disabilities, has been “called” to write.

I’ve known Sue since 2007 when she made her first of several appearances as my guest on the CKUW radio program, “Wooden Spoons.” Over coffee, I’ve come to appreciate Sue’s ideas and experiences.

In this small book, Sue very gently carries the reader on a journey with “Spirit” as it unfolded in her life.

After years of being trapped in a toxic relationship and having undergone a family breakup and divorce, Sue had developed fixed patterns of coping and self-protection. Isolated in her brokenness and unable to experience happiness or joy, Sue maintained her persona of independence and privacy. All that began to change when, following the advice of a friend, she joined a singles group which offered a 10-week facilitated self-help program titled “Rebuilding After Your Relationship Ends.” The transition from a place of despair to the possibility of happiness came unexpectedly. In the third week of the program, Sue found herself crying. The crying lasted for days. She felt she should leave the program. Then suddenly the gloom and despair lifted, and for the first time Sue could breathe with a sense of freedom and joy. A turning point had been reached and she found herself on a new path in which “Spirit” led her and provided her with profound teachings, which are shared and explained in this book.

There were teachings that surprised Sue and changed her thinking and set her on a different course. Under the instruction of Spirit which communicated in gentle, simple ways through experiences, encounters and messages, all of which are described in an easy and credible style, Sue forged a radically new life for herself. She gained insight into the reason for human frailty and why we do things that are hurtful even when we know better.

Sue’s book is written for those who suffer in silence, who have no voice and no hope. She is speaking, too, on behalf of her mother who like many women in the past had no voice and endured their hardships in silence.

Adventures with Spirit has appeal for the general audience as well as counselling and self-help groups. The book does not overwhelm but carries the reader forward to share the journey with Spirit and to be open to the call of Spirit within. Valuable teachings are shared, such as the realization that the distress Sue had experienced in her marriage was a necessary experience for her miraculous awakening or the discovery that her new life partner was her “demon slayer.”

Interspersed throughout the book are pictures as well as poems signed “Reflections by Sue.” Additional pages for notes at the back of the book add a personal touch.

Adventures with Spirit ends with a special chapter titled “Additional Notes” providing definitions of spiritual concepts, highlighting spiritual traditions and teachers and offering information on resources. Imperceptibly, Sue moves from simple but profound spiritual teachings to a higher level of spiritual knowledge. This is a book of healing and hope.

Mary Jane Eason is a community nutritionist and Program Coordinator of Mary Jane’s Cooking School, a registered charity. 


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