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13 Questions for Lesia Zablockij of Altering Mindsets (Formerly Soul Fire Café)

1. In business since:  2007

2. What exactly do you do: I am a life path-ologist, personality profiler and a mindset mentor. I am passionate about helping strong, capable women (and the occasional brave man) discover and celebrate not only the best parts of themselves but also gain an understanding and acceptance of the parts they would prefer to keep hidden.

3. Who will we meet when we visit your business (staff):  I am a solo-preneur so you would meet me at my business. I have others assisting me that I absolutely couldn’t do without but they are not on the premises. They do, however, share space in my head and heart!

4. You started this because:

I had some challenges in my life and who I was no longer existed. I had to find a way to reconnect with who I was. Our relationship with ourselves is the longest one will we ever have and we often ignore it and that’s where the struggle starts. If you don’t know who you are, how can you know your place with others?

I started training and recognized things in others. I don’t like to see people in pain or being mistreated when I know there is something that can be done to help ease the pain and promote personal growth.

My first step was becoming a Life Purpose & Career Coach in 2004. Unbeknownst to me, it was only the beginning of my journey. I continue training to this day because there is always more to learn and I am intrigued about people and behaviors.

  • Over the years, I became certified in many areas:
  • International Coach Federation – Associate Certified Coach
  • Coach U – Core Essentials Graduate
  • Now What? Facilitator (90 days to a new life direction) – see TED Talk by Laura Berman Fortgang
  • Grief Recovery Specialist
  • Success Team Leader
  • Success Principles Coach Graduate with Jack Canfield from Chicken Soup for the Soul
  • Story Coach
  • Member of the International Association of Women in Business Coaching

Along with the above, my personality profiling certifications have provided me with tools to bring to light our strengths, weakness and our barriers to success. These include:

– Myers Briggs (extrovert/introvert, etc. – find your four letter type)
– The Print (understanding the fingerprint of your personality)
– Core Temperament (one of four types – Bulldozer, Detective, etc.)
– Money Archetypes (Your money type – understand and overcome your beliefs about money)

5. Your motto/vision statement:  I believe that no matter what your history, you can find peace and happiness in your life.

6. Most gratifying moment:  Watching people reach that A-HA or lightbulb moment from where they can start healing and change their lives.

7. Biggest inspiration or influence:  I am inspired by people who dare to dig deep and understand the holdbacks in their lives. It is not an easy journey but it is so worth the trip. I know there are times my clients may not have wanted to hear what I may have observed but have been grateful when they realize I struck a nerve. Upon reflection, they understood there was some healing to be done. To watch the bravery of my clients as they soldier on inspires me deeply. It’s easy to leave things “status quo” but what if they could be better?

8. What are some of your company’s milestones, awards, events and special celebrations?:  We have published our first book “Soul Fire Cafe”. Book #2 is at the Publishers now. There are a few more in my head that will hopefully make their way onto paper. It’s a busy place in there.

Available at no charge at:

9. What causes / charities / local events do you support?  Supporting and volunteering at Siloam Mission, our local support for the homeless.

Being a contributor to Break of Dawn International. Break of Dawn is a group of professionals that have gathered together to help people heal, grow, prepare and accomplish goals.

I am a contributing author to Enlighten Up with The Aquarian

10. What business-related story do you tell at dinner parties?  The story about the Minister that came to see me for help with grief. I remember thinking “what could I possibly have to add to this man’s knowledge and experience?” I recall that little gremlin – my “Nigel” (borrowed from author, Julia Cameron) creeping in and saying “Ha – let’s see what ya got girl!”

Through our work, he was able to heal an inner wound he had carried for 50 years that he didn’t even realize was there. Sadly the wound had detrimentally affected his life in many ways but he saw it, understood it and was able to move on from its hold. He told me I saved his life but I was just honored to be a part of his finding peace.

11. If you could tell your customers one thing about your business that they don’t know, what would it be? We strive to lighten up difficult subjects to help people navigate through turbulent waters without all the heaviness. I love to laugh and make others laugh. I also play the devil’s advocate to help others see a different perspective in situations. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

12. What do you hope your customers experience when they walk in the door?  I hope they discover a partner that really listens and understands their pains, their hopes and their dreams with warmth and empathy. I am there to lean on while they make sense of things. It’s often hard to do it alone.

13.   Plans for the future?    Completion of training in Money Coaching (realizing and dealing with our restricting beliefs) Enneagram (an ancient spiritual personality profiling tool), and Strategic Intervention training with Tony Robbins are on my radar over the next year.

My dream has always been to run retreats with small groups of women (although not excluding interested men). To me it’s all about defining moments in your life. Making sense of the old ones that are redundant but still play a part in your life. Learning how to leave them behind. Creating new ones for the “you” that you know is in there and sometimes remains hidden and silent, often because of fear or beliefs created by old defining moments.

The retreats would deal with the fear and open you up to peace and happiness. Keep your eyes peeled for “Defining Moment Retreats” on our website. It’s all about the Defining Moment Advantage – the things you can change as opposed to your DNA – the things you can’t change.

Contact Lesia on her by email or Text/Call (204) 299-6133


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