An Earthbound Ghost

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I was asked if I cleared spaces of ghosts, which opened up an interesting dialogue between a client and I about unwanted energies, earthbound souls, ghosts and spirit attachments.

My client had relocated an old country house to a new location and built onto it, creating her present day home. Then began her current troubles. She was afraid to stay there overnight alone. There were times she felt someone was with her, when she knew she was the only person there. She felt someone sit on her bed in the night, yet no one was physically present. At first, she discarded the interactions as her imagination, perhaps the wind or a dream.

Her cats were reactive to unseen energies around her house and were too nervous to stay in a room alone. After numerous encounters of varying degrees of intensity, the final straw was when her bed began to shake in the middle of the night. It was hard to put that event down as her imagination for she owned a sturdy four poster, solid oak king size bed. Simply impossible to shake!

She sensed a male presence in the house and felt it was somehow connected to the old country house she had relocated and incorporated into her new home. She began researching the old house and discovered the last owner had a poor reputation and had not been liked by many neighbours or relatives.

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When my client was seeing me for an energy facilitation, she mentioned her ghost and opened the conversation between us. I told her I had cleared spaces before and would assist her. Later, after meditation, I channeled concerning the house, seeking guidance from a broader perspective. I had attuned to the fact that there was indeed an earthbound soul attached to her space and was looking for answers as to what needed to be offered or done in order to ease his way to Spirit. The guidance I received provided more information about the ghost as well as a suggested method of clearing to apply in order to assist him.

The earthbound soul had been stuck on the earth plane for more than 100 years, living in fear of crossing to the Light. His life had not been exemplary and he was afraid he would not be accepted. I invited a friend who was a practicing medium to join me in this clearing, as I felt this stuck soul had a message to impart before he was ready to transition. Another friend with strong grounded energy joined the group and the three of us set out to meet the ghost.

Before the trip, my medium friend connected with the soul and planned to deliver his message to my client before we completed the clearing of her home. On the drive out to the country, she reported that the soul was looking through her eyes and was pleased his house was relocated to such a pretty part of the countryside.

When we arrived at the home, we discussed the plan with my client and included her to participate in the activity. The medium passed along the ghost’s message, which included a warning about a stairway that was dangerous, saying an accident was possible unless it was fixed. My client confirmed that someone had already twisted an ankle at that spot. There were other messages, including how happy he was that she was taking such good care of his home and how sorry he was for scaring her. He had just wanted to get her attention.

Then, the ghost was ready to transition. We opened the portal for him, held the energy and connected him to angels, for he needed their support to transition. We saw the angels take his hands and he gently drifted towards the light in front of him. Then, he was gone. The transition was heart warming and sacred. We were all moved to tears. We spoke of our experiences, sharing what we each felt and saw.

We then cleared her home energetically with a smudge, drum and rattle, from top to bottom. When we were done, the shift in energy was palpable. When I checked in with my client a week later, she reported no longer feeling afraid to stay in her house alone, no more midnight visitors and a sense of peace in her home. She reported her cats were back to doing cat things without displaying any previous nervous behaviours.

Camille is a regular contributor to the Aquarian. She has communicated with animals for over 30 years, with the focus of her gift directed at strengthening communication between the animal and caregiver. As a channeller and Reiki Master, she offers healing sessions and channelled guidance to her human clients. 

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