Celebrating 25!

In October 2017, The Aquarian Newspaper teamed up with The Body, Mind & Spirit Show to celebrate our 25th year in publication!

Here are some exhibitors who participated in the show. Visit the Body, Mind & Spirit Show for the full list of exhibitors:

Alan Williams’ Rock Shop, is located in Teulon, just a 40 minute drive north of Winnipeg, on Hwy 7.  Look for the dinosaur on the lawn! I have over 60 years experience as a rockhound and jeweller, giving me first-hand knowledge of gemstones, crystals,and fossils. I carry a unique selection at very reasonable prices. I also carry a large variety of gemstone beads. Your drive definitely will be worthwhile!  By appointment only, please! Contact me at 1-204-8862536 or at jdw192@gmail.com.

Money may not be the most important thing in life but it touches everything that is. Who we are, what we want and what we have is all rooted in our money beliefs. Those beliefs create patterns that are often running behind the scenes causing us to operate the way we do, often without our knowledge. As a result, they may be holding us back in some way. Creative Money Connection isn’t about looking at your numbers, your debt or investing. It’s about getting familiar and friendly with your money. Curious? We invite you to take the complimentary money quiz and discover your money type. www.creativemoneyconnection.com

CremeFresh is a made in Manitoba 100% natural skin care company whose passion and mission is to educate and empower individuals so they are able to make informed decisions about the health of their bodies. CremeFresh promises transparency in ingredients, zero synthetics, wild crafted/organic essential oils and the best of intentions. SAY NO TO parabens, carcinogens, colours and fragrances, animal testing, short term “fixes”, mineral oils, pthalates, deceptive labelling. cremefresh.ca ~ Facebook and Instagram

Divine Clarity is Winnipeg’s Premier Spiritual Centre & Divinity School offering a large variety of services and workshops.  Workshops include Spiritual and Intuition Development and various Energy Healing Modalities.  Many are certification courses.  Services include Hypnotherapy specializing in releasing anxiety, Past Life Regression, Reiki, ThetaHealing®, Integrated Energy Therapy®, Mediumship and more. In-depth Aura & Chakra Readings.  Large Metaphysical Shoppe offering crystals, gemstones, jewelry, books, oracle cards, angels, candles and gifts.  Home to International Psychic Medium Kristel Kernaghan, offering individual, group & gallery Medium Readings. www.divineclarity.com ~ www.kristelkernaghan.com

In collaboration with plant energies and their healing gifts I, consciously and with deep reverence, wild/urban craft local medicinal plants and tincture them fresh in brandy, honey or organic oils. These macerate for a full moon cycle or longer. I then combine these extracted medicines for internal  and external healing. These potent plant elixirs are taken internally and work on physical body ailments as well as provide healing for the emotional, energetic and spiritual body. I also take the infused medicinal oils and create healing skin serums, breast health oil, and first aid treatments.  earthalchemyherbals.com ~ IG: @earthalchemyherbals

At FLOAT.CALM we understand that life can be hectic and complicated. So, we believe everything else should be simple. As simple as laying back and…FLOATING. Used to help combat stress, anxiety, chronic pain and sleeping issues, floating helps you find CALM by removing all external stimulation so you’re able to truly let go and relax. In10 inches of water and 850 lbs of pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt you float effortlessly with a unique sensation of weightlessness. The water is heated to skin temperature allowing your body to simply melt away and this, along with the restriction of all light and sound creates a pure state of ‘sensory’ relaxation. www.floatcalm.com ~ hello@floatcalm.com

The I AM Festival is the first of its kind in Manitoba, bringing together the wellness community to celebrate mind, body and soul connection. From live music performances, to yoga classes, to motivational talks, to nature walks and camping, this Festival truly is a personal retreat experience for those that are on a search for more meaning and happiness in their lives. The I AM Festival is held at Ignite Retreats in Teulon, Manitoba. For more information visit: www.iamfestival.net

As an energy healer and guide, Maxine is on a mission to help people be who they’re meant to be. All the services that Maxine offers are designed to shift and rise inner energies while removing those which are stagnant and unhealthy for the body, mind and spirit. Maxine is a Life Activation Practitioner, certified through The Modern Mystery School. Life Activation, or DNA Activation, is an ancient modality that is powerful and transformative. Maxine’s signature course, Crystal Clear Core Values, is a one-of-a-kind workshop. Here the ancient energies of crystals are aligned to boost your individual, authentic core values.   www.maxinepich.com ~ info@maxinepich.com

Created by Nature. Crafted by Mōdere. A new approach to modern health. At Mōdere, we believe there’s a better way to experience your everyday essentials. Our passion is to create inspired personal care, health and wellness, and household products that cater to the modern shopper. We manufacture safe, non-toxic products and demand excellence from ourselves every day along the way. You’ll never see us use cheap ingredients, harsh chemicals, test on animals, or create lame products.Personal care and household product catalogue: www.modere.ca/221463
Health and wellness catalogue: www.modereglobalshop.com/221463 Joanne Dyer, Independent Mōdere Social Marketer

Monique L. Dorge – MML Consulting: Uniquely Integrating Body, Mind & Spirit since ‘99. Monique practices & teaches Hawaiian Huna Kane massage. This loosely translates to ‘Inner knowing of the Higher Self’. During & after a massage, the client has the opportunity to go inside, releasing blocked energy and creating a new attitude toward self and life. As a Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, clients uncover limiting beliefs in order to change life patterns. Through Psychosomatic Therapy, we explore ‘the issues in the tissues’. From there, we explore ways to change stance & posture which promotes better energy flowing through the body.
www.mmlconsulting.ca ~ www.holisticpractitionersnetwork.com

As a psychic card reader and practicing astrologer, I believe in empowering clients by providing them with practical, relevant information. I strive to help people prepare to meet life’s challenges and to draw their attention to upcoming opportunities. After many years working in the esoteric field and studying a variety of wisdom traditions, I began offering classes in Tarot and Astrology through the Winnipeg School Division #1, Life Long Learning Program. I also offer one-on-one tutorials on Tarot, Astrology, Developing your Intuition and Divination using Oracle Decks. To book a reading or get class details 204-775-8368 or ngill@mymts.net

Pat believes that the richness of our lives depends on the quality of our personal and professional relationships and that depends on how we communicate. Through her company, Touchstone Resources, she offers strategies to improve peoples’ communication skills, and organizational cultures. She focuses on a trinity of interpersonal skills: CONNECTING – enhancing relationships; EVOLVING – facilitating personal growth and development; and RESOLVING – managing differences and conflict. Pat is a conference speaker, mediator, facilitator, and trainer. See Pat’s website for her workshop offerings. Pat is the author of In a Perfect World: Interpersonal Skills for Life. Read about Pat’s book. www.pathirst.com or on Facebook.

Pranic healing is a modern non touch energy modality which incorporates cleansing and energy techniques of self healing and healing others. Pranic healing is easy to learn modality that movers dirty, tired, blocked energy out of the energy body and replaces it with good, clean, healthy, energy. We use our hands to do these treatments and clean our hands consistently to ensure no contamination from healer to Client. We get PRANA energy from the sun, earth, trees, and the universal energy available to everyone. You can learn this wonderful and efficient method of healing in a 2 day workshop. Please check out the website pranichealing.mb or text/ call Colette at 2047971558 or email cchabot01@gmail.com

Sacred Heart Holistic Healing Collective is a collaboration between Divine Light Therapies, Brie’s Botanicals and Restore and Heal with Reiki. We offer New and Full Moon Attunements, crystal healing, energy healing, reiki, yoga, aromatherapy, Akashic record readings, workshops, and intentional jewellery. To book a private or group session, call Samantha Sawatzky at 204.230.5376 or Brie Henderson at 204.791.2374. www.briehenderson.com ~ @briesbotanicals ~ @restore_and_heal_with_reiki Facebook: Brie’s Botanicals ~  Facebook: Restore and Heal with Reiki ~ @divinelighttherapies ~ Facebook: Divine Light Therapies

Bioresonance Therapy works on the proven scientific research that everything resonates at a certain frequency.  It can analyze the human body’s frequencies in individual parts (organs, tissues, muscles, energy, pathogens, etc.) and harmonize it if it’s not operating at a healthy frequency to help the body heal itself.  Bioresonance therapy uses a holistic approach, in dealing with causalfactors to effect healing. This remarkable but gentle & non-invasive process helps with chronic conditions, illnesses, allergies, food sensitivities, toxins, pathogens (viruses, parasites, bacteria, fungi),  improved digestion, immune system strengthening, hormonal imbalances, skin conditions, nutrition testing, injury recovery, and more.   Cindy Malbranck silverspringshealing.com 204-470-8900

SUNRIDER – Changing Lives for 35 yearsNutrition for Life & Longevity! Nourish & Cleanse your body promoting Balance for optimal health. Concentrated Nutrients from Whole Food sources with their life structures in tact Made with a Variety of Natural ingredients. Expertise in Formulation & Concentration. Naturally Wholesome foods that are Convenient, Satisfying & Delicious! www.productsforlifechange.com  Call Today to book a free “Regeneration Lunch”  Joanne Marchuk 204-663-4660 bodymindspiritjm@hotmail.com

“The Doorway” Marie-Anne Bisson, Bilingual services in Winnipeg and Lorette Certified Hypnotherapist, Medium and Angel Card reader, specializing in Past Life Regressions (Reincarnations). Explore your soul’s purpose, release negative repeating patterns and support for Experiencers (abductees). As a Reiki Master, my intuitive energy work helps the body release blockages to bring balance to the chakras on a spiritual, physical, emotional level. My purpose as Licensed Spiritual Health Coach is to help those who have become stuck on the hamster wheel of life or their earthly experiences so they can flourish and become all they are meant to be. thespiritualdoorway.ca thedoorway2014@gmail.com