Conversations From The Neighborhood Ice Cream Shop

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icecream shop book coverConversations From The Neighborhood Ice Cream Shop: Eight Keys to Rediscovering Lost Dreams and Finding Your Life’s Calling

By Denny Stockdale

Stockdale Resource Group Inc., 2009

Softcover, 83 pages, $12.95 

Summer weather usually means heat, humidity and thirst. The best choice to relieve all of these stresses is…ICE CREAM!

What’s your favorite spot – the BDI (Bridge Drive In), Banana Boat, Dairy Queen, Sargent Sundae or perhaps The Spotted Cow?

Whatever your delight, ice cream makes the hot summer days more bearable and happier.

Denny Stockdale, in Conversations from The Neighborhood Ice Cream Shop, makes people’s lives happier by taking them on a journey of self-discovery. He invites us to join character Bill Erickson on his adventure with Tag to a local ice cream shop.

Tag is a young man whose nickname is The Acronym Guy. Tag turned his goalless, uncertain path into a life of fulfillment after working for and learning from Randy, the Neighborhood Ice Cream Shop’s owner. Randy passes on to others the inspiration and personal growth that he gained from opening an ice cream shop. Learning from Randy, Tag creates eight key words with acronyms and shares his insights with Bill who is living a dull and uncertain life, too.

For example:

FAITH – Find Answers In The Heart

DREAMS – Defining Reality Eventually Achieves My Success

PRAISE – People Respond Admirably In Sincere Encouragement

Told like a story, each easy-to-read chapter depicts a different life lesson/acronym and ends with some questions for the reader and activities to follow through on. We can all use reminders to follow our passion, work hard and stay true to ourselves. This tasty tidbit soothes the thirst of our souls.

Whenever we find that special restaurant or store, we pass the praise on to our friends and family. In that same tradition, Conversations from The Neighborhood Ice Cream Shop can be passed on to encourage everyone in our lives to be HAPPY! (Heartily Alright People Playing – Yay!) I made that one up – it’s FUN! (Fabulously Unbelievably Natural!)


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