Dogs Sense Spirits

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The phone call from Susan was unusual. Two dogs in the household kept barking and growling at her husband. They often looked behind him and growled, or looked over at a doorway or entrance, growling when nothing was present.

Susan thought her husband’s energy was agitating the dogs. Glenn thought there were spirits in the house agitating the dogs and wanted the house cleared so the spirits would leave. Susan told me that Glenn didn’t believe anyone could communicate with animals, but he wanted me to come and clear the house of the spirits that kept bothering him.

My meditative conversation with the dogs revealed two high strung, agitated personalities with no clear alpha present in the home. These rescued dogs came with a fair amount of baggage, as far as fears and phobias, and without clear leadership, their anxieties increased.

They required an alpha presence in the pack and their caregivers needed to step up. The channeled guidance for the dogs affirmed that an alpha was most important in order to begin assisting the dogs to release some of their anxiety.

Arriving at their home, I met with both Susan and Glenn while the two dogs watched, growling or hiding when anyone moved suddenly. Glenn said there were three spirits in the home, one who blew cigarette smoke at him on a regular basis.


Glenn and Susan’s ghostbusters.

When I channeled, I attuned to there being four entities present, all without any negative energy or intent. I was told in channel that I would be able to assist these entities to move to the light and to smudge the home when engaging with the entities. The dogs were released into the fenced backyard when I began to smudge their home.

As I moved upstairs, right at the top of the stairs, I sensed a male energy standing in my way. I was using a smudge stick and felt the male energy place a hand over the smudge stick, putting it out, while he blew cigarette smoke at my face.

I stood my ground, told him that was not going to work and relit the smudge stick. As I held a doorway open for him to move to the light, I felt him leave. I continued to smudge the entire home, then both Susan and Glenn. I sensed the entities had left the home and went to the light.

When done, Glenn seemed less agitated. His energy field was brittle and agitated before he was smudged and, although less agitated, his energy field was still brittle and sharp in places. It appeared to me that Glenn was attracting entities to him and perhaps what he referred to as his curse was in fact a gift of mediumship, one that warranted further exploration on his part.

The dogs were brought back into the home and we talked about the guidance that had been offered to them. Every time Glenn moved, because his movements were abrupt, the dogs reacted to him in a negative manner.

Glenn set the dogs off by his abruptness and agitated energy field, and Susan coddled and reassured the dogs when that happened, unknowingly reinforcing their fears and reactions. I suggested ways for them to work together to take the alpha role with the dogs. Now that the house was free of unwanted entities, it was time for them to focus more cooperatively on the dogs.

When I left, I suggested Glenn seek an energy facilitator to help him with his energy field and that he rethink his viewpoint on his curse to one more helpful, such as that of a gift that could be explored.

Several days later, Glenn chose to see me for an energy facilitation and channeled guidance related to his gift.  He reported that in the days between my visit to his home and his visit to me, the dogs had settled down noticeably.

He said when visiting a dog park, a couple of dogs came up to him and interacted in a normal manner, something that had not happened to him in a very long time. He also reported not having one nightmare, which was also unusual.

The channeled guidance revealed that Glenn had a previous lifetime where a physical injury (similar to one he was experiencing in this lifetime) ended his life early. In his previous lifetime, he had the gift of mediumship and had denied it.

In this lifetime, Glenn had another opportunity to work with that gift and was indeed a medium.  He would continue to attract entities to him until he either developed his gift to help them move onward or learned how to shut down his gift.

I was unclear as to whether he really could shut down the gift, but provided him with contact information to a local medium so he could speak to someone with the same gift. When he left me, his energy field was flowing and he had received information on how to ground and centre to protect his energy field from unwanted hitchhikers.

Camille is an animal intuitive. She has communicated telepathically with pets and other animals to determine the causes of problem behaviour and emotional distress.  Blue Wolf Speaks by Camille, 204-779-8995, WebsiteEmail.  


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