Domino – The Sensitive Cat

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Domino, a young black and white tuxedo cat, became a client of mine because he had occasionally been defecating outside his litter box. His caregiver, Laurie, wanted to know why. In meditation, Domino told me that sometimes Laurie became very angry and when that happened he reacted to the strong emotion.

dominoDuring my visit to their home, Laurie and I talked about some of the times that Domino had used the floor instead of his litter box. She would invariably describe the day as being a stressful one, or she had a strong emotional response to something just prior to the litter-miss. It soon became apparent to Laurie that when she had moments when her anger took over and she lashed out either verbally or by physically slamming a door or something else, Domino would respond in fear, showing it by not using his litter box. Otherwise, he was a model citizen.

Laurie agreed she needed to be more conscious of her emotions and to moderate them around the little cat. Peace reigned for several months until I received a message that he had started using the floor again. When I spoke with Laurie, she said she had paid attention to her emotions and the two of them had been just fine. I meditated and spoke to Domino. He told me that Laurie smelled different, she felt different and he was confused and anxious. In fact, I was left with the distinct impression that Laurie was pregnant.

Now how to tell a veritable stranger that her cat thinks she’s pregnant! The thought did not cross my mind that the cat could be wrong in his diagnosis. What if she didn’t know that? I pondered for a bit and then told her that Domino said she was different in how she smelled and felt to him. I didn’t mention pregnancy but suggested she have some quiet moments and cuddles with him to help him settle down.

Laurie responded to my saying he thought she smelled and felt differently by telling me that she just found out that day that she was a few weeks pregnant. The cat’s nose knows!

Camille is an animal intuitive. She has communicated telepathically with pets and other animals to determine the causes of problem behaviour and emotional distress.  Blue Wolf Speaks by Camille, 204-779-8995, WebsiteEmail.  


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