Elmo: The Bird Came Back

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I first met Elmo – a small brilliantly-coloured green and gold parrot – at his home on a farm outside a small city in Manitoba. Elmo’s human, Jocelyn, had called to arrange a visit with Elmo because the parrot insisted on biting her husband. That was unusual because Elmo loved people, was very social and did not bite anyone else. Elmo was also quite vigilant and often attacked him, painfully nipping him whenever an opportunity presented. They had tried a variety of strategies to prevent Elmo from biting, but nothing seemed to work.

When I walked into the kitchen, there sat Elmo on a small walkway by the table. On the floor there was a swarm of cats. Some were sleeping and others were lounging as only cats can. One in particular gazed up at Elmo with adoring eyes. It appeared that even the cats loved Elmo. He immediately hopped onto my hand, walked up to my shoulder and began nuzzling my ear. It was plain to see that Elmo was a charmer!

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We began to talk. It turned out that Elmo was a female parrot. She said she didn’t mind keeping the name Elmo, but preferred to be referred to as a she. Her humans quickly agreed. Then we got down to the business of her biting. She said she liked to bite Jocelyn’s husband. As I know sometimes we can bargain with animals, I asked her if there was anything he could do that would encourage her to stop biting him. Elmo’s quick, firm response to that question was, “He can leave.”

When I assured Elmo the husband was not going to leave, the real bargaining began. The end result was that Jocelyn’s husband agreed to provide Elmo with a small piece of cheese each evening. In exchange for the cheese (which Elmo dearly loved), she agreed not to bite. An agreement was struck and peace reigned until Elmo’s death a few years later.

When Elmo crossed over, she did so at a fairly young age for her species. One day when Jocelyn woke up and went to let Elmo out, she found the bird lying on the floor of her cage, dead.

However, that was not the end of Elmo! On the newspaper beside her, she had left a small drop of blood, formed into a perfectly shaped heart.

The loving energy that was Elmo returned to Jocelyn within a year, only this time in the shape of a small, marmalade-coloured cat. One of the barn cats had babies and a small one had a rough time of it so Jocelyn brought her into the house to nurse. Jocelyn called me because the little one was not doing well and she was afraid the kitten would die.

When I meditated and energetically connected with the kitten, I saw her as a tiny one who fit easily into my cupped hand. I spoke with her and gave her energy. The kitten told me her name was Sally and she projected a strong personality. She said she wanted chicken and wet food, not the dry food that had been set out for her in the barn. It was then I attuned to the fact that Sally had the energetic signature of Elmo! She had returned to her beloved human in another form. Sally let me know that she had no intention of returning to live in the barn; she intended on staying with Jocelyn.

Later that day, I relayed Sally’s messages to Jocelyn. The issue of whether or not Sally was going to return to the barn had already become a moot point. Sally was firmly ensconced on Jocelyn’s neck, under her long hair, purring happily. This was also the favourite roost for Elmo.

Today – although somewhat larger than Elmo – Sally is no less loving, is a joy to be around and still likes to drape herself around Jocelyn’s neck, purring and content to be near her beloved human.

Camille is an animal intuitive. She has communicated telepathically with pets and other animals to determine the causes of problem behaviour and emotional distress.  Blue Wolf Speaks by Camille, 204-779-8995, WebsiteEmail.  


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