Exposing Canada’s Dairy Industry

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Mercy for Animals Canada goes behind the scenes


If you can handle a stiff dose of gut-wrenching horror, heartbreaking sorrow or white-knuckle rage, look no further than two recent exposés of Canada’s dairy industry by Mercy for Animals Canada.

Screen shot 2015-03-11 at 8.36.57 AMThe video from MFAC’s undercover investigation last winter of a white veal (the popular pale meat) producer in Quebec makes even the clichés about the cruelty of the veal industry seem trite. You have to see the suffering and abuse to believe it: the sickly, iron-deficient calves, chained by the neck, sprawled listlessly on the slippery wooden floors of their solitary “crates,” manhandled by barn workers with the work ethic of sadistic prison guards. Because all of Canada’s dairy farms produce unwanted male calves, prisons like these are where many of them end up.

MFAC’s investigation (video and details at cratedcruelty.ca) was featured in a CTV W5 exposé last spring called “Cruel Business.” You can watch it online if you have a cable account with a “CTV GO” provider like Shaw or Bell.

The horror doesn’t stop at the veal factories. In June, MFAC was back in the news with another exposé, this time of how the mothers of veal calves are themselves victimized at Canada’s largest dairy, a factory-style operation near Vancouver with 3,500 cows. The undercover investigator’s video (see mercyforanimals.ca/dairy) of sadistic young nightshift workers routinely whooping it up while viciously kicking, beating and swearing misogynistically at helpless, even downed, cows is enough to make you spit up your milk. As MFAC’s video concludes: “Reject animal abuse. Ditch dairy.”

Syd Baumel is a contributing editor with The Aquarian. He blogs about ethical eating at     eatkind.blogspot.ca.


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