Fish Love Their TV

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I was once asked to visit a home and talk to a cat and a dog. There was nothing unusual about my visit and the conversation with the cat and dog was almost routine. However, just as I finished the visit and was preparing to leave, Mattie, the animal’s caregiver asked me whether or not I ever talked with fish. I replied that I had done so, and after a bit of dialogue, she asked if I would look at her fish and see if there was something I could tell her about them. Mattie told me that her fish were not living as long as she thought they should but she could find no physical reason why that was occurring.

We stopped in front of a large television in a cabinet. Perched on the top of the cabinet was a ten-gallon fish tank filled with a variety of species of beautifully coloured fish.


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I settled down at the front of the tank and began to explore connecting with the fish. They don’t have the same feel as a dog or cat, but they certainly can be talked with. I asked Mattie when she had moved the tank to the top of the television as the fish told me they had been situated in a different part of the living room before. Mattie said the tank was moved about six months prior. I asked her how long ago it was that she began to notice the fish dying earlier than she thought they should. She told me it was about five months prior. I then asked her where the fish had been housed before. She showed me a table that was about five feet from the television.

The fish wanted to be moved back to the tabletop. They were able to watch television when they had been there, and they liked it. Watching television kept them from being bored.

Mattie moved the fish back to the tabletop. A chat with her a couple of months later revealed that her fish were no longer dying prematurely. She also had decided to leave the television on when she went to work so the fish could be entertained.

Camille is an animal intuitive. She has communicated telepathically with pets and other animals to determine the causes of problem behaviour and emotional distress.  Blue Wolf Speaks by Camille, 204-779-8995, WebsiteEmail.  


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