Hen: I Will Return

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Hen, a small ginger marmalade cat, lived with her caregiver Teresa in Tennessee along with a myriad of other cats and two dogs. I first met Hen when Teresa asked if I would chat with her to check on her health.

As an animal intuitive and communicator, I meditate with animals and speak with them regardless of where they are located. Hen had been rescued as a small kitten and had started life very sick. Although she was nursed and supported, her lungs never totally cleared up. She was 18 months old, about six pounds in weight and, because of her health, had never been spayed. Her personality was a lot larger than her body size. She loved to sit outside, go for walks and frequently escaped the fenced backyard to walk to a nearby cove where she could explore. It was time for Teresa to consider the operation.

In my meditation with Hen, it was apparent her respiratory system was not clear and I supported her healing with some long distance Reiki energy. She also needed a change in diet and more time sitting in the sun to support her health. Hen told me she wanted to be a healing cat. She loved people, rode around with Teresa in the car, walked on a leash and greeted everyone she met.

Over a few weeks, Hen seemed to improve and Teresa made arrangements for her to be checked out medically to see if she would be able to withstand the surgery. The veterinarian thought Hen’s lungs were strong enough for the operation and the day was scheduled. While Hen was being operated on, Teresa asked me to attune to her energy to see if I could assist in anyway and I did so. The surgery was completed late in the day so she was to remain at the vet clinic overnight. For some reason I could not understand, I was uneasy about the surgery taking place that day. It felt to me as if the vet was too rushed. However, when meditating with her, it appeared as though she was going to be okay.

Overnight, that prognosis changed and Hen died the next morning. Something had gone wrong with the surgery.

Heartbroken, Teresa asked if I could connect with Hen once she had crossed over. I agreed to try and was successful. During our communication, she told me her contract with Teresa had been interrupted. She wanted to return to Teresa to complete it.

In my experience, when a human and an animal get together, there is a specific reason or purpose for that joining; hence, a kind of cosmic contract occurs. Teresa seemed unable to move on from her grief and dearly missed that little cat. She was overjoyed to hear Hen wanted to return and was ready for that to happen immediately. Hen told me she would return, but not as a tiny kitten. She wanted a strong body this time and was not willing to come in too early.

Animals who have a focus of healing need a robust energy field and body in order to complete their tasks. In my experience, it is as if the healing animal’s robust health shores up and supports any animal or person it comes in touch with and that is how it helps to heal. The person and or animal who receives the healing touch from these animals always feels refreshed and re-invigorated.

Teresa was advised to let time pass until it felt right to begin the search for Hen and to not force the search in any manner. She and I talked and emailed frequently over the next few months. At one point, Teresa dreamt of Hen. In that dream, Hen was showing her a grey kitten of about four months old. Towards the end of that summer, Teresa started to see a shadow cat peripherally, out of the corner of her eye. She would catch a glimpse of this shadow cat for a second and then it would disappear.

Image courtesy of phasinphoto at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Some six months after Hen had died, Teresa began searching for a grey kitten, preferably about four months old. Synchronicity occurred and everything fell in place effortlessly. Teresa saw an advertisement on a website offering a kitten to a good home. On a hunch, she called the number and connected to a woman who was staying in a local hotel with the kitten. The woman said she had to find a home for the kitten within a few days or be evicted from the hotel. She was a truck driver living in the same city as Teresa. They arranged to meet and the kitten, named Shadow, was introduced to Teresa. Shadow licked Teresa on the face and purred. She and the woman agreed to meet again in a couple of days because Teresa wanted me to meditate with the kitten to see if this was Hen reincarnated. She and I both meditated, and our collective sense was this kitten was indeed Hen. Two days later, Teresa retrieved the four-month-old kitten and renamed her Jasmine.

Teresa soon discovered many similarities between Jasmine and Hen. Jasmine had already been trained to walk with a harness and leash. She liked to sleep in the dryer on bedding, which Hen had done. She met strangers and new situations with great curiosity, like Hen. She ate everything given to her, including healthy food the other cats who lived with Teresa refused to eat. Again, just like Hen, who had been trying to eat in a different manner just before she died. Like Hen, she also interacted with Teresa’s other cats in a fearsome manner.

Jasmine was in a strong and healthy body. As time moved on, Teresa began to notice flashes of orange fur through the grey. Some pictures of Jasmine show this: a grey cat with orange fur just under the surface.

As Jasmine approaches her first birthday, Teresa is beginning plans to get Jasmine established as a therapy cat so they can visit the hospital for sick children in their city.

Camille is an animal intuitive. She has communicated telepathically with pets and other animals to determine the causes of problem behaviour and emotional distress.  Blue Wolf Speaks by Camille, 204-779-8995, WebsiteEmail.  


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