Hike With Grace

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Life requires us to hike. Some days we have a walking stick and some days we are looking for the next finger hold so we don’t careen off the side of a mountain. Regardless, we are meant to reach the summit. But it is how we climb that is far more significant than the obstacles we are navigating.

Steering through unexpected events or changes in our life is a given. On a good day, we might see them coming and have an avenue around, over or under the unanticipated changes to our plan. On a more difficult day, the terrain might shift too suddenly for us to react swiftly. We get caught off guard and find ourselves slowed down or even halted in our progress. We are forced to stop and think.

hike-with-graceSometimes, when we are involuntarily sidelined, our immediate reaction is frustration or anger, which breeds negative emotions. The more frustrated or angry we get, the more difficult it is to see a way out. Our egresses become limited. To proceed, we have to clear our minds and listen to our intuition. The faster we are able to reach a place of calm and clarity, the faster we can move forward with confidence in our purpose.

But in order to get moving again, we have to be willing to work through the feelings generated by our current obstacle. If we insist on trying to climb with negativity and anger, our trek is long, self-absorbed and heavy. We often self-impose a need to go it alone because we cannot see the help that is readily available to us from family and friends. Even if we are offered assistance along the way, we could misinterpret a hand up or a kind word as a source of irritation to be scoffed at or ignored. We might even consider stepping on the fingers of another out of spite or vengeance.

Additionally, we might forget to ask for help from those above. While it might be hard to ask for help from those within our immediate vicinity because we do not want to appear weak or vulnerable, it is easy to ask for help from those who watch over us. They are readily available and just waiting for us to ask for their assistance. We simply have to say, “Please help me find my way.” Once we do, we release our human burden, allowing faith to open the doors to exiting our dilemma with a multitude of viable solutions. Each of these possible resolutions is blessed with the promise of success.

Once we are open to letting go of our negative reactions to our unexpected obstacles, we can ascend with the knowledge that we are meant to succeed. We can rely on the fact that we will find a beautiful plateau on which to rest and recover. It is our destiny to see the kick ass view at the top. Our fears of being viewed as vulnerable and weak are released and we can open up and ask for help from those around us. As we break through our hindrances, we also increase our chances of remembering to invoke the blessings of those above us. It is with these changes in our perspective and attitude that we are able to climb with grace. We leave fear and insecurity and loneliness behind, and we tackle our excursion with hope, clarity and an abundance of assistance.

Today, consider climbing with help from those around you and those watching over you.

ShelliAuthor of Circles of the Soul, Marymichelle Lotano has explored the areas of personal growth, meditation and art. Ms. Lotano is currently a full time writer and mother, residing in Carlsbad, California. Visit: circlesofthesoul.net.


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