I Am the Vibration of NOW!

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When I was in New Zealand, I visited a place collectively known as the Bay of Islands, which consists of 144 islands nestled around the northern coastline. Early one morning while staying in Paihia overlooking the ocean, I decided to rise early enough to watch another day dawning.

Of course what I hadn’t considered was that in March, I would be met with the coolness of the night giving way to daybreak.  So I sat hugging my mug of green tea, watching the steam transcend in a fog like mist fragmenting away into the black void that silhouetted my human body.  My blanket was wrapped tightly around my shoulders keeping away the coolness of a chilly morning.  I felt cozy cloaked in the warmth that was radiating from my spiritual body.  With each sip, I savored the taste and sat back watching Mother Nature begin birthing another new day.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

As I connected with spirit, a recognition filled my vibration in acceptance that I was honored to watch perfection in the making.  The backdrop of the small hills in the distance began emerging from the darkened sky.  A ray of golden energy was transforming the blue blackness that enveloped me and my surroundings generously giving way to the essence of light, right before my eyes.

A new day had begun to unfold so that I am connected to the vibration of spirit.  At this point, six affirmations are shared with me.

  1. I am the vibration of abundance
  2. I am the vibration of contentment
  3. I am the vibration of growth
  4. I am the vibration of inspiration
  5. I am the vibration of Now!

As each affirmation is released, so the sun rises out of the blackness like a bird rising out of the night, spreading it’s wings in readiness for flight.

Life is emerging as vehicles and people break the hypnotic sound of the gentle waves lapping the golden sands that have been revealed again.

The sun is bringing light to our world, and the blue sky replaces the darkened canvas that was there only minutes ago.

The gulls and seabirds add their calls to the growing crescendo of this new day reminding me…….

I am the vibration of abundance

I am the vibration of contentment

I am the vibration of growth

I am the vibration of inspiration

I am the vibration of Now!

That day, like today, and every day, I am reminded that everything is possible.  I only have to create it, manifest it to be the joy within my vibration.

My moments of quiet interlude are no more than the words on this page and the memories of many photographs I took that glorious morning as the sun rose up and outwards almost blinding me with it’s brilliance.

For every moment there is a vibration, a transcendence that allows us to connect with ourselves, our surroundings, and others within our world.

We each have within us the possibilities, minutes of being in the vibration of NOW.

That morning I took a moment to connect with myself. Even if I sat in the same place tomorrow and did exactly the same thing, the vibration would be different.  Because at that moment there would be another “NOW” moment, and so on into infinity.

What I am suggesting you do is embrace and accept each “NOW” moment for what it brings to you.  The future vibration is right before you, right now and then another and another and so on…


Born in England, Debbie A. Anderson is a natural healer who has worked in the magical sphere of spirituality all of her life, where many modalities have evolved along the way.  She is a Clairvoyant & Spirit Communicator who now lives in Canada, and has been doing intuitive spiritual readings for over 30 years around the world.  She has self published 2 oracle decks, Vibrational Energy (for adults) and Vibrational Earth Children.  She has one affirmation deck called I am Vibrational with a second one, I AM Sacred due to be launched later in 2017.  Her decks are distributed worldwide. She has also developed Vibrational Energy Therapy which she teaches to others & Vibrational Sound CDs.  She has written bodywork meditations which have been narrated & published by others.  Find out more about her at www.Vibrational-Energy.com


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