I Can See Clearly Now – An Interview with Wayne Dyer

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I Can See Clearly Now DyerReid Tracy, CEO of Hay House, talks to veteran motivational speaker and author Dr. Wayne W. Dyer in this adaptation of their Hay House World Summit interview last March.

Reid Tracy: Your new book I Can See Clearly Now is coming out February 2014, and it’s different from your other books in that it tells a lot more of your personal story. How did this book come about? 

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer: That was a fascinating experience. June 26, 2012 I said to my family, “I’m done writing now for a while.” I’ve got a couple of years, you know, I’ve just published a new book, Wishes Fulfilled, did my 10th Public Television special, and I said “I just feel so great, I can now relax” and so on. And on June the 27th, the next day, I sat down and started writing.

But it’s really not a memoir. It’s a look at all of the significant things and the people and the events and the circumstances that all showed up at a particular time, and then you look back on it and you say, “Oh, my God, that fits into this pattern.”

Reid Tracy: What has writing this book been able to give you in terms of an understanding about events in your life, and what can it teach others in terms of their own lives and what they might be going through? 

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer: Do you ever play checkers? Well, your whole life is like a checkerboard and there’s a sense that you get, especially looking back on it, that you begin to realize and gain awareness that there’s something else moving all of these pieces around in your life, and that was really true for me right from the very beginning.

Now, are you aware of it at the time? At the time, you might think, “Why is this happening to me?” But I was able to look back on it and say, “Oh, now I know why I was going through that.” So I would suggest to people that they have the awareness that, no matter what it is that is taking place in their life, to be able to look back on it.

Reid Tracy: In this book, you talk about all of your experiences, including a section titled “I Can See Clearly Now” where you look back on those experiences and reflect on what you learned from them and what they meant in your life. What can you see clearly now? 

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer: I realize I was this little kid that was just born into the situation that I was born into. But as I look back on all of these things and all of the books that have come out of it and the movies that we’ve done and the millions and millions of people who’ve been touched all over the world, I look back and I see that I was in some kind of training since I was a little boy.

It’s like these experiences are all gifts, and that’s how you have to look at. Every time I wrote (all 60 chapters in this book), I would finish a chapter and say, now I can see clearly why I had to go through all of these experiences; all the lessons that I had to learn. And basically, what I learned is, the biggest lesson of all, is that there is something moving the checkers around. There is something, and you connect to that and you allow it and anything can happen.

Reid Tracy: One thing that stands out in this book is that throughout your life you don’t seem afraid to make big decisions. What are your thoughts on how we can make those decisions easier on ourselves, and how we can have more confidence in ourselves in making those decisions? 

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer: Listen to the inspiration, which breaks down to in spirit, inspiration. Listen to the higher part of ourselves, and to our ultimate calling. There was something inside of me that just said “You’ve got to align yourself with your highest calling.” And I think it’s there in all of us. I call it your excitement. It’s like living with your excitement. Just ask yourself, What is it that causes you to feel a sense of excitement, like you really feel good about it?

But inside of me, there’s always been this calling to spirit, to take the risks.

Reid Tracy: You talk a lot about the “unseen forces” that affected your life, and have written extensively about manifesting, attracting, and creating whatever it is you want in your own life. Can you tell us how to notice that and how to attract that? 

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer: People talk about things happening and it being “unbelievable,” and it’s exactly the reverse. It’s really believable, but we are so conditioned to believe that these kinds of things are just coincidences, that they’re just things that show up arbitrarily in our lives, when the fact is that all of us have this kind of guidance available to us.

I think that if you want to be able to attract this kind of guidance into your life, you have to start with an awareness that all things are possible. I think the key to this, at least what I’ve learned through writing I Can See Clearly Now, is when you’re doing that, when you forget about yourself, when you get your ego out of the picture, when your inner mantra isn’t “What’s in it for me? And how much more can I get?” and so on, when your inner mantra is, “How may I serve? What may I do for you?” and you practice living those ways, that’s when you attract this mystical guidance. I have found that the more I get my ego out of the picture and the more I think about how can I serve other people instead of always thinking about me, the more these miracles show up.

I’ve been able to do that for almost everything in my life. That’s why I wrote the book, and that’s why I call it I Can See Clearly Now.

Reprinted with permission from Hay House  (hayhouse.com). Look for I Can See Clearly Now in bookstores this February.



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