In All Our Hearts

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In All Our Hearts

In the centre of the Cedargrove the ice had cracked to the shape of a pentagram. Incense of Madagascar and White Sage smouldering. Cedar, Rosemary Lime and Lavender oil the centre of the star. The drums beat softly as the chants begin.

The sage shell melts into the ice. The elders arrive. 

The messengers have asked for assistance in the quest to heal the future. They have called upon Enki, Inanna, Shakti, Shiva, Ishtar, Quan Yin, Kalie, Sophia, Malia.

Mercury the messenger has called the planets to order. The planets hold court.

Sailing on the winds of grace Inanna the Anunnaki Goddess Queen of Love and Light arrives to answer the call. More love on earth is needed.
Her dance was known to calm the hearts of kings, to stop wars, and end suffering for all those  having witnessed it.

Under the full moon around a raging blue fire,
she danced to give the messengers what they needed to succeed. She danced for the shattered heart of the warrior who returned home successful in victory of battles won, only to find the heart of the home was gone destroyed by time. She danced for hope and she danced for love to find its way back to its rightful place.
In all our hearts.

Gowan Doandbe


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