In My Crystal Ball

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For me, looking into my crystal ball is a bit like watching television.  A scene presents itself and, as I describe it to the sitter, a story seems to unfold.  Sometimes the meaning is clear to both the sitter and the reader; at other times can seem obscure and open to interpretation.  This can be seen in the following descriptions of two separate readings.

Reading #1

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My globe filled with a countryside scene, the sky tinged red as if it were sunset.  A solitary woman sat motionless on the ground beside a bush with her back to me, gazing at the distant horizon.  I was touched by a feeling of sadness and loneliness.  As I watched, the picture started to change.  The woman got up and walked slowly towards a nearby cottage.  It was in darkness with the door firmly closed.

The woman hesitated, as if undecided what to do, then knocked on the door.  There was no answer, so she knocked again, harder.  Still no reply.  The woman knocked a third time, in anger now, her fists hammering on the door.  Obviously, no one was at home.  If they were in, they certainly had no intention of opening the door for her.

With a feeling of despair mixed with sorrow, the woman walked away from the cottage.  Her journey took her across the darkening countryside, devoid of life.  A light twinkled from a farmhouse in the distance, and the woman paused before continuing on into the gloom.  It seemed that she trudged on all night.

As dawn began to break a plume of smoke appeared, going straight up into the sky.  This time the woman changed direction and started towards what she hoped was habitation.  But as she drew nearer, it became clear that the smoke was from the smoldering ruins of some recently burnt-out buildings.

With a heavy heart, she resumed her former path, eastwards into the rising sun.  It was a warm day with a brilliant blue sky.  By mid-morning the woman had gone as far as she could.  In front of her a sparkling sea rippled as far as the eye could see.  Behind her was the deserted countryside from whence she had come, with dark mountains looming in the far distance.

She stood, not knowing which way to go, turning from the sea to the mountains then back again.  She seemed to have reached an impasse and could go no further.

“You’ve just described my life in Ireland!” exclaimed Mary, the sitter, in an astonished voice. Mary went on to explain how she had moved to a remote cottage in Southern Ireland with her second husband.  Having not much else to do she spent a lot of time sitting outside on the ground just gazing across the moors and bogs.  Things had not been going well, and tensions had developed between Mary and her relatively new partner.  She had come back to England for a break and to decide whether she wanted to continue in the relationship.

So, what did the crystal ball predict?  The fact that no one opened the door when she knocked implied that she was not wanted.  Likewise, the lack of humanity and the burned-out buildings seemed to reject her.  Having reached the sea, the way ahead was bright, but looking back all was dark.  The time had come for a decision.

No further words were needed!  The crystal ball had helped Mary make the decision she had agonized over.  She went to live with her daughter temporarily while she planned her new life, alone, back in England!

Reading #2

This time the scene which presented itself in the crystal ball was from the mouth of a cave, seemingly above the waterline, but lapped by a rough, heaving sea.  The sky was leaden, heavy rain added to the turmoil of the water and the harsh wind blew the surface into white foam.  To the right were tall, rugged cliffs which sheltered a bay.  The tide was in, and the waves crashed against the rocks.

A swimmer appeared from the left of this picture, tired and struggling to reach the shore.  I felt sure this was a woman battling against the elements.  But the tide was on the turn, and the current held her back.  Despite all her efforts, she was making little or no headway towards the shore.  Noticing the cave, she changed direction and struck out towards it, hoping to find a handhold and gain a little respite.

As she gripped the treacherous rocks and got her breath back, the rain ceased, the sun came out, and the water receded, uncovering a beautiful golden beach.  Realising that she could now easily reach it, the woman swam through the becalmed, shallow sea, punching the air in triumph as she reached solid ground and walked ashore.

Jill, the sitter, couldn’t recognize herself as the subject of this reading. “I don’t like swimming, and I’ve hardly ever been at the seaside,” she said, a bit perplexed. But Jill did admit to having a lot of problems in her life and felt she had difficulty “keeping her head above water.”  So, the crystal ball had presented her life in an allegorical fashion.  What did it predict for Jill?

Holding on to the rocks represented a period of respite during which Jill would be able to put her affairs in order.  After that, her life would be put on a firm footing with Jill looking to the future with confidence. 

Perhaps the latter reading holds a message for all of us:  never give up, even when the going gets tough.  Change direction if necessary.  Take the time to assess each difficult situation.  Problems will resolve themselves, and you will finally reach your goal! 

Believe in the crystal ball!

Raised in North-east Scotland, now based in Sussex, England, Stephanie DeWitt was blessed with Highland second sight from an early age.   A teacher and writer, Stephanie has a close affinity with animals, especially horses.   She gives crystal ball readings, has healing hands and attends angel workshops.


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