Konan, the Iguana

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Konan, a rather large iguana who is about five feet in length, came into my life when I received a call from his caregiver, Penni. She said he was having some digestive problems and was off his food. I agreed to meditate with him and then visit him – but with some trepidation on my part. I had never talked with an iguana before.

When I connected with Konan in meditation, I was somewhat relieved as his energy came through as quite gentle for such a giant reptile. Connecting to him was certainly not like talking with a dog or cat; it was less clear somehow, less focused. Cats and dogs can send some pretty strong messages my way. I found that Konan’s messages came in with less strength, but nevertheless I was able to attune to some issues related to his food. During my meditation with him, Konan told me that he would like me to bring him some grapes – red grapes, to be precise. I understood they were to be seedless as well.


Image courtesy of Photokanok at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

When a five foot iguana named Konan told me he would like some grapes, the thought did not cross my mind to refuse his request. On the way to his home I purchased red, seedless grapes. When I arrived at the house, I saw him stretched out on a six-foot high cat stand in the front window, watching the outside activities. My heart jumped a beat. He was huge! I hoped that he would not want to sit on me and held that thought as I knocked on the door.

Penni and I chatted for a while about Konan. She told me how she had rescued him from a home that kept him shut up in a closet. With Penni, he had the run of the house along with her cats, and everyone seemed to get along. Konan was house trained and used the bathtub, which was filled with water, for his toilet.  Although he was more independent than the cats, not seeming to want too much interaction with the humans in the house, he did like to be in the same room as everyone else.
I sat on a part of the sectional couch positioned in a way that I could watch Konan and he could watch me. Usually when I connect with an animal, we maintain strong eye contact, and with Konan it was the same. He watched me as I talked to Penni about his diet. I had attuned to the fact that some of Konan’s food was not being washed as much as he needed, and residuesof chemicals were making him ill. That was an easy fix.

Then I told Penni about the grapes and handed them to her. She told me that Konan had never eaten grapes or showed the least interest in them before. I suggested she wash them and present them to him anyway. When Penni placed the red grapes in front of Konan he gobbled them up instantly. She was in disbelief; I was amused. He really had wanted those grapes!
When he finished his snack, he started to turn my way and I had the distinct impression he wanted to sit on my lap. His nails were about four inches long! I quickly reassured him that I could admire his beauty right where he was – and that his thank you was sufficient. I did not want a lap iguana. Luckily something distracted him out in the front yard and I was able to finish my visit without him on me.

As always, when an animal and a human come together, there is a contract between them and with Konan it was no different. He was in Penni’s life to teach her patience, and that certainly was a requirement when handling the day to day care of Konan.
Penni also needed to learn about and accept reptiles, and give Konan the care and love that other humans had failed to give him. She fulfilled her part of the contract.

Camille is an animal intuitive. She has communicated telepathically with pets and other animals to determine the causes of problem behaviour and emotional distress.  Blue Wolf Speaks by Camille, 204-779-8995, WebsiteEmail.  


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