Kristi’s Kaleidoscope: The Art of Mandalas

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Black Holes
Sucking me dry
Screaming, drowning

Filling me up
Whooping, floating

When our paths become narrow, dark and doubtful, it’s the unexpected strangers who appear to light the way with hope and encouragement that keep us moving forward.

Betty Paz of Free Yourself recently popped into my life with a message of inspiration that has been guiding me during a particularly stressful and negative time. This lively sprite of a woman created a colourful mandala partnered with an intuitive reading for me.

Mandala Kristi for article newThis vibrant original piece of artwork represents the vibrations and messages meant for me at this point in time, (see The Aquarian mandala below). All Betty requires is a person’s name then with a myriad of art supplies spread before her, she sits in meditation, connects with her spirit guides as well as the person’s energies, guides and higher self. The mandala and messages flow from there onto the page before her.

Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning circle, a symbol of wholeness and balance.  They are often created as tools for meditation or for setting a sacred space. Betty began her official mandala journey in her early 20s when a Jungian therapist in Venezuela introduced this healing tool to her.  She grew up in a strict Venezuelan, Catholic home but knew quite young that she was sensitive to the emotions and feelings of others. This intuitive skill,  partnered with her passion for mandala art and drive to assist people on their evolutionary journeys, has now become her life’s work.

She is an everyday, regular person living a life filled with joy and heartbreak, challenges and adventures. The mandalas allow her the opportunity to spread encouragement, peace and love to the world.

Betty resonates and studies the Jungian mandala philosophy which describes the mandala as a center point of peace in our swirling chaotic lives. This center point is also shared by every person or the collective unconscious that weaves us all together as one.

“The mandala is an unconscious state in which all opposites come together and are united, where the polar aspects of the cosmos and the individual can become one. This union of opposites is the very process by which we achieve wholeness, and through which we find peace.”

Excerpted from “Archetype of Wholeness: Jung and the Mandala” by Peter Patrick Barreda,

mandala workspaceBetty takes mandalas one-step further by tapping into other people’s vibrations to share information that might help them on their path. She assists people in bringing what they know deep inside into the conscious world, helping people free themselves from the boundaries of their minds.

Betty says, “By making things conscious and bringing them into your awareness, you become more in charge of creating your own reality. I want people to realize everything is inside. You can heal yourself. Through the process of acknowledging those things we don’t want to face, we actually help ourselves so much more. Our experiences become richer, more joyful and you are able to follow your bliss in life.”

She encourages people to draw their own images and use mandalas as tools on their own journeys. I must say having a stranger create this beautiful picture and give me some very personal, spot on messages was an uplifting experience.

My enthusiasm sparked immediately and I bombarded her with questions like “Can you create one for my dog? What about babies? For couples as a wedding gift? A business? For my girl gathering evenings? How about my dad who passed away several years ago?” Betty feels anything is possible, as long as there is a vibrational energy to tap into a message can be brought forward through her mandalas. She wouldn’t create one mandala ‘housing’ two people though because we are all unique.

My mandala now graces my bathroom mirror, iPhone home screen and my laptop background. She encouraged me to put the image in places I view regularly to remind myself of the loving, positive energy that came through. Betty also suggested I sit in meditation with the image, seeking my own messages and symbolism from it’s colours and shapes.

As part of my mandala exploration, I asked Betty to create a mandala representing The Aquarian at this point in time. In this type of work there is no typed out message per se. Betty can share the emotions she felt while drawing the mandala, but a business is a concept versus a being with a higher self to receive messages from. We are left with the image itself and are asked to find our own meaning and messages within it’s colours and shapes.

So…your mission readers, should you choose to accept it – tell us what you see in The Aquarian mandala! (see picture below) Comment on our website blog or on our Facebook page.

By Kristi Dorian,

Betty Paz can be reached by email and on Facebook.
Also visit her AQ Business Profile.

Mandala AQ

The Aquarian mandala by Betty Paz. Send us your interpretations.


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