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Has The Aquarian changed your life or business? A change of philosophy, of lifestyle, career, coffee brand, meditation practice? Has our paper – our stories, our ads – helped foster a transformative change in your neck of the Aquarian woods, be it holistic healing, spirituality, activism or any of the other fields that inform these pages? Are you an advertiser with a success story?

Send your positive, transformative or celebratory story to kudos@aquarianonline.com OR use the comment box at the bottom of this page. Your submission may be edited for length and clarity.

Let the celebration of us and you begin. 


Congrats for the 25 years in publication.

I have been part of the paper for probably fifteen years or more. As for advertising, we found it connected us to the kind of people we wanted at our annual event – people who care about the world they live in, and want to bring out the best version of who they are.

I lost my daughter to cancer and was desperately looking to find my peace. The Aquarian brought me many contacts, and eventually to the Body Mind Spirit Show. There I found my peace and in a few years, I took over the show in order to give back what it had given me.

Kristi and her crew work tirelessly to change the flavors every paper, to open the eyes long closed. We will continue to work together, for I believe we share the same dream. Find peace, be the best we can be. Be happy.

Dale E. Scott
Body Mind Spirit Show

Has The Aquarian changed my life? Yes! And Thank You!

I spent years working as an attorney and I loved my job. But then I was offered the position of a lifetime that required me to keep a 24/7 schedule. My new job required an abundance of patience and love, steadfastness and compassion, persistence and empathy, stamina and nurturing. My employer paid nothing per hour and the annual salary is $000,000.000. But the smiles and hugs, tears and growth, was payment beyond my wildest dreams.

Recently I’ve had to maintain my 168 hour a week job, and take on some form of employment. After having experienced a major shift in my spiritual being, I knew I was going to have to be brave enough to embark on a career adventure that supported my new self. I started to write. I had my first book published, but I still couldn’t pay the water bill.

I was reaching out in every direction for paid writing work, but no one was responding until The Aquarian said, “We will take a chance on you.” And they did. I started to write for them and get paid for my work. As my new vibration began to flow out into the world, more writing jobs started coming my way. The money is trickling in…but soon it will be flowing in.

Thank you for changing my vibration and opening a new door for me to walk through…

Marymichelle Lotano
The Soul Source

Chance Meetings

I met Kristi quite by chance at a breakfast event. We had both arrived early and instead of sitting alone at two different tables, I joined her. That was four years ago (2011). Since that time we have collaborated, promoted and supported each other’s businesses and formed a friendship.

The Aquarian has allowed me to share my voice and provide me with exposure with a reputable business. I am meeting new people and expanding my community all as a result of a chance meeting.

Thank you Kristi and thank you Aquarian.

Lesia Zablockij
Soul Fire Cafe

Spin Off Business

I would like to thank Kristi and her team.

I took a business card size ad this year (Spring 2015) for a new business venture of mine.  After meeting Kristi and some of the other members of the team, I decided to volunteer to deliver papers for the Portage Ave and St. James route, again meeting more of the wonderful people involved with this publication.

With the help of the artistic team, my ad looked great, and was placed in an awesome spot within the paper. I received many compliments and inquires, many of which have resulted in spin off business.

Being added to the Business Profile section online has also given me a web presence that is creating more buzz for my business.

The Inspirational Moments section has really got me excited about sharing my poetry and photography with like minded people.

I just wanted to say that advertising in Enlighten Up! With The Aquarian has been a pleasant and profitable experiences which I intend to keep.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

Alanna Holder-Riches
Let the Butler Do It!

Passion and Creativity

I first met Kristi Dorian (The Aquarian publisher) in 2011 when she came to see me for a reflexology treatment. It was at that time, I came to learn about the community newspaper, The Aquarian. When reading through The Aquarian many ads caught my attention and the articles intrigued me. When I expressed my interest in promoting and advertising my business with The Aquarian, Kristi was more then happy to answer all my questions. I found Kristi very professional, creative and passionate when creating and promoting a client’s business. Since advertising in The Aquarian my clientele has steadily increased. I would highly recommend The Aquarian as an option to promote your business.

Adra Weakley RCRT
Reflexology & Indian Head Massage


A Beacon of Light  

Almost two decades ago, I opened up an issue of The Aquarian newspaper and was drawn to a specific spiritual workshop at the time. This workshop ended up changing my life. It was there that I met a dear and cherished friend, Barb, and my life partner and husband of 17 years.

Your paper over the past 20 years has grown to become a beacon for our Winnipeg and Manitoba communities, highlighting what is going on spiritually, and has offered an amazing networking opportunity that has interconnected many likeminded people.

As an advertiser, I have been personally blessed to meet and work with many wonderful people on their own spiritual journey who were drawn to my workshops and healing work over the years, and for this I am grateful.

Thanks for being the beacon of light that draws so many likeminded people together in such a seamless and powerful way. Here’s to many more years of writing, sharing and shedding light on ways we can heal our world.

With appreciation and gratitude,

D’Arcy Bruning-Haid
Therapist, writer & facilitator of Nourishing the Soul workshops

A Boon to Holistic Business

The Aquarian has played a large and successful role in educating the people of Winnipeg on holistic and alternative health options, as well as showing them where they can find such services. From the perspective of a wholistic health professional, The Aquarian has always been supportive of my practice, and we have gained many referrals as a result of their promotions.

Dr. Darlene Bouchard, DMS
Kas-Sky Wholistic Health Care Centre

Prophets of the Inevitable

Congratulations (20th Anniversary ~ 2012).  Thanks for being there. When I first came to Winnipeg my organizers, Anna and Barbara-Ann,  strongly encouraged me to advertise in The Aquarian.  I’m very glad I did. I love Winnipeg and particularly the participants in my workshops. They were the perfect kind of people for the work that I present.

Please keep up the good work of informing your community of work that is becoming more “mainstream” than ever.  I honestly feel its due to publications like yours that have “kept the faith” that these important changes now seem inevitable.

Tamara Penn, RIHR, MBW

Good Things Get Better With Age

I remember starting my freelance graphic design business, and one of the first jobs I did was a small ad for The Aquarian. Goods things just get better with age! Congratulations on 20 years!

Manny Martins-Karman, Arbonne Independent Consultant

Serving a Common Goal

The Aquarian newspaper came into my life as I was taking my children to the local library when it was first published in 1993. It has remained a great source of current events and local contributions while I developed on my own journey of self growth. When I was seeking an opportunity to grow in knowledge, The Aquarian just by coincidence would happen to have an article or product that would assist me.

Through local trade shows I have met the publishers and recently I met Kristi, the current owner. This is an exciting time in the industry of Natural Healing as newspapers such as The Aquarian promote a wide variety of perceptions of the common goal of personal wellbeing. I have enjoyed both advertising in and the reading of this collection of like minded people.

At this time I wish Kristi and her staff all the success and joy in the continued publishing of The Aquarian and to expand in contributions of articles, advertising and available pick-up locations.

Cynthia Jones, We All Come Home

Meaningful Connections

In the late 70s and early 80s, I became aware that I was seeking a spiritual path which differed from my religious upbringing and from the way my friends and colleagues were living their lives.

It was very lonely for a long while, having no one with whom to talk or discuss my unusual reading choices. When I found The Aquarian, I was thrilled, having seen similar papers in other cities. I pored over the articles and the names of people offering courses and services. It was such a comfort to know they were here in Winnipeg. Gradually, I met and worked with some of them – Catherine Holmes, John Tozeland, Carol Radway and others.

Then, by the mid to late 90s, I was part of a meditation group which went on to co-create The Sanctuary. As The Aquarian celebrates its twentieth birthday, we will just have marked our 14th year. Congratulations to all of you who kept things afloat these two decades.

Hollie Andrew, The Sanctuary

A Pleasure to Work with

Since I first opened my business in 1999, I have had the privilege of working with the dedicated, hardworking staff at The Aquarian. In the early days, I submitted my story entitled “From Frog to Princess,” and it was published. Over the years I have met people who have identified me because of my advertising in this wonderful publication. Thank you ever so much for your contribution to the community.

Monique L. Dorge, MML,  Consulting Hawaiian Huna Kane Massage, therapist

For Those Who Want to Live a Conscious Life

I have been interested in all things esoteric since I was young – a fringe person from the get-go.  But usually this was a quirky part of my personality that wasn’t really something I shared with the people around me. Who in suburbia really talks about this kind of stuff?

Well as it turns out … many must be, because The Aquarian has been around for 20 years, and though the reading audience is spread far and wide, the community is there. And it’s thriving.

Many people are interested in the esoteric, the environment, the holistic, and the evolution of spirit. It is a paper for those who want to live a conscious life. And it’s free. Not many things in life are – especially something this good.

When I decided to become an independent card reader, The Aquarian was the logical place for me to advertise. I’ve seen the Community grow over the years and The Aquarian has always been there to document that growth. I believe they can also take credit, in part, because they have helped expand awareness and assisted readers in finding the resources they sought on their path of personal growth. Winnipegers looking for an alternative way of coping, living and thriving have a great resource in The Aquarian. Bravo for a job well done.

Tarot by Nancy


When I woke up to my spiritual path 20 years ago I was a bit dazed and confused. Looking for guidance, I turned to The Aquarian, and I am forever grateful for the paper in helping me connect with the many teachers along my journey. I also had several opportunities to write for The Aquarian and always appreciated Anna Olson’s and Syd Baumel’s editing advice.

Congratulations to The Aquarian on 20 years of service to the Winnipeg community.

Monica Curry, Artist and Spiritual Nomad


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