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Thirteen Questions for Wonnita Brands of Mindfullness – Live in the Moment with Wonnita!

1. In business since:  I launched Mindfullness in 2013, although I have been working with clients since 2011 and prior to that co-facilitated seminars since 2008.

2. What exactly do you do: I am a certified life coach, meditation facilitator and inspirational speaker. What I do is meet with clients, both one on one and in small group sessions. Sessions are structured with interactive coaching style discussions, followed by a lesson and ending with a gentle guided meditation. The sessions focus on the foundational elements and nature of our existence. We look at the structure, function and design of existence and of being a human being. We explore tools and skills for navigating your life to put you in the driver’s seat versus feeling like a victim to life’s circumstances.

We tend to go through life trying to ride a bicycle using an airplane manual and it’s just not suited. If you want to ride a bicycle, you have to understand how the bicycle is put together. The handle bars are going to steer you, the peddles are going to move you in a certain direction, the wheels are going to enable you and the chain is going to connect the impulse of your feet moving the peddles to the wheels. You have to understand the way the bicycle is designed so as not to sit on it backwards and wonder why you are not going forward! Once you have the bicycle manual, you can see that you just need to turn!

The universe is designed in exactly the same way. Once you understand how existence operates, how it is structured and how it functions, you are able to get in the flow. In my own experience and having worked with many people, being in the flow allows us to be much more gentle with ourselves and others, to love deeply, to trust and surrender to the magic of life, to hear our intuition, and to manifest our hearts desires!
I can also be contacted to speak on topics around meditation, happiness, stress reduction and more.

3. Who will we meet when we visit your business (staff): I operate from my cozy home office here in Winnipeg, so you will meet me and occasionally my family. I also work from The Cellar Door Hair Salon in Portage la Prairie on Mondays and, again, work alone, so you always receive a warm welcome from me!

4. You started this because: Have you ever come across something so inspiring that you just had to share it? Something that made your heart sing! I did and that’s why I started this business. I believe I have a responsibility to share what I have learned because it has completely changed my life in ways I could only have imagined!

5. Your motto/vision statement: I envision a world where human beings start to experience just how magnificent we really are and begin to understand that together we hold the power to create a world filled with peace, love and prosperity for all!

6. Most gratifying moment: I am filled with awe when clients begin to experience in their meditation practice and in their everyday life what we are learning in our coaching sessions and start to live life from this awakened, stress free, gentle and loving perspective.


7. What Inspires you? What is your biggest inspiration or influence?:  I have always had a passion and deep thrust for knowledge and truth. I am inspired by learning! I have read hundreds of books, taken many courses, and attended seminars and retreats around the world! Not kidding, my idea of a holiday is to go to a seminar or retreat! According to The Gallop Polls, learning is my greatest strength! I am thrilled to own a business where I get to work with my passion every day as I share with my clients.

8. What are some of your company’s milestones, awards, events and special celebrations? Besides being a certified life coach, I am privileged and honoured to have studied and trained under Jeddah Mali, an internationally recognized teacher, mentor and advisor. Her work includes teachings on The Model of Existence. She also teaches how to develop a meditation practice that works to shift old limited programs. After several years of studying and discipline in developing my own meditation practice, I graduated her advanced consciousness facilitator training program and was given the blessing and permission to facilitate her work.

9. What causes / charities / local events do you support? Last year, I facilitated an event to raise funds for a 10 year old child here in Manitoba who has cancer and also for an orphanage in Uganda. On the agenda for this year is to coordinate a fundraiser for a safe home for children in Kenya, as well as speaking at Asperger Manitoba Inc.’s upcoming conference in October.

10. What business-related story do you tell at dinner parties? Well I usually chat a lot about “living in the present moment.” It is just such a fascinating topic that never gets old!

11. If you could tell your customers one thing about your business that they don’t know, what would it be?  That I genuinely love each and every one of you and wish you could see yourself through my eyes!

12. What do you hope your customers experience when they walk in the door? I decided to answer this question by asking my clients to tell me what they actually do experience and this is what they said: When I am in your presence, I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to because your aura is so positive and encouraging. I feel accepted, relaxed, calm, carefree and free of judgement. I feel at ease with you and that you hear me. You are kind, loving, genuine and authentic.

13.   Plans for the future?   There is a shift happening in the evolution of consciousness that is affecting us all. We are at a critical time in human history where the old paradigms of lack and limitation must be let go of. My vision is to work with clients through my various programs to help make this shift possible so together we can move toward a stable and harmonious world!


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