Mineral Makeup Mania

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Pressed Colors

New Pressed Color pallets by Pure Anada

Take up makeup
Smooth and clear
Inside, outside
Love you dear

Bombarded by TV advertising for mineral makeup, I fell for it and ordered products from an infomercial touting smooth, silky looking skin and the disappearance of blemishes. Plus it’s made out of minerals and better for your skin, they claimed.

Putting myself to the makeup test, I stepped out of my 20-year routine of pressed powder foundation from Rimmel and blush from Cover Girl to try this totally different loose powder process.

I liked it! Thank goodness an instructional DVD came with the order for truly I am a makeup newbie. I don’t use lipstick, mascara or eye shadow and know nothing about my “colours” or how to properly apply them. All I know is I want to cover my face’s red tones and look natural.

About three weeks later, a brain cell fired to recollect that I met someone at the Health and Wellness Expo who made mineral makeup locally. After some digging, I rediscovered Candace Grenier and her all natural makeup line, Pure Anada.

Benefits of mineral makeup

I learned from Candace that lightweight mineral makeup allows your skin to breathe – resulting in healthier, younger looking skin with a clean, silky and natural feel. Many ingredients in regular brands can cause acne, inflammation and rough, weathered skin – while minerals promote clear, smooth skin. These inert minerals resist the growth of bacteria, mould or fungi, allowing the product to have no expiry date. Mineral makeup is even water resistant; you can sweat in the heat or even spray a refreshing mist toner without smudging the makeup.


Candace and her sister Clarrisa

Pure Anada born of frustration

Candace Grenier, formerly a hairdresser from Morden, found herself reacting to the daily chemical exposure to hair and esthetics products. Her itchy, red skin and breathing difficulties led her on a path to explore all-natural products for herself and clients. This quickly turned into a passion for creating her own natural line of mineral makeup.

My friend Ally and I went to meet Candace, tour her facility in Morden and try the Pure Anada makeup for ourselves. I soon discovered that her ingredients take mineral makeup to a whole new level compared to synthetic- and preservative- filled other lines.

The Rimmel London website lists the ingredients for my Matte Pressed Powder, a product I’ve been using for years. I can’t even pronounce most of the list, never mind know what they mean. Candace identified 18 ingredients to avoid (fragrance ingredients, fillers and preservatives), 10 that seemed okay and 3 unknown to her.

“The most dangerous ones are paraben preservatives, pthalates, and 1,4 dioxane,” Candace explained. “This is because these ingredients pose a threat to our health if used over a long period of time. Artificial fragrances and colourants are also scary, because they encompass a broad category of thousands of untested chemicals. Some of the other ingredients to avoid aren’t great for your skin – such as mineral oils and their derivatives, and silicone emollients – but they aren’t carcinogenic.”

The Pure Anada foundation product I now use has only seven ingredients: mica, titanium dioxide (natural sunscreen), zinc oxide (soothing, helps alleviate redness and blotchiness), silica (blurs fine lines), boron nitride (antibacterial properties), iron oxides, and ultramarines (natural colour pigments).

CandacePureAnadaCandace purchases high quality, natural ingredients from around the world to create her blends. She doesn’t use micronized minerals (less that one micron in size), due to concerns that they float around our systems causing havoc.

Pure Anada has recently partnered with the Environmental Defense’s “Just Beautiful Campaign”, whose purpose is to educate Canadians about the harmful ingredients that can be found in personal care products, and offer alternatives.  More information can be found at this link: http://environmentaldefence.ca/issues/just-beautiful

I have been applying the Pure Anada mineral makeup for two months. I’m hooked on the look, the feel, the colours, the natural non-toxic, long-lasting ingredients. If you want to try this, I suggest you allow yourself time for a learning curve on how to apply it (go to the Pure Anada website for detailed instructions) or consult the salespeople at retail locations.

Or better yet, gather a group to head out to Morden for a day trip to tour the facility yourself. I enjoy knowing that Candace creates this makeup locally and I can visit the facilities. Plus I can order online and have the products delivered to my home.

Kristi’s Kaleidoscope
Written by Kristi Dorian

IMG_64762013 UPDATE: In 2008 when this article was originally published, Candace was offering tours of their facilities. Over the years business has blossomed so much that they are too busy on a daily basis to offer that service anymore. However, after recently moving to a new facility and hosting a successful open house, Candace is considering an annual event of a similar nature.

Also, I am still using Pure Anada products as my sole makeup source after five years!

Some other announcements from Candace at Pure Anada:

“Just over a year ago, we launched our pressed mineral range of foundations, eyeshadow and cheek color.  The minerals are bound together with an Organic Jojoba Oil.  So if people aren’t keen on “loose minerals” and prefer the convenience of a pressed powder, we can offer that as well!  Pans are inserted into a reusable, recyclable, magnetic pallet.

As well, our best-selling product happens to be our mascara.  It seems to be the most difficult product to produce naturally and still be effective.  Conventional mascara typically contains petro-chemicals as well as parabens and other preservatives (which often contain mercury or formaldehyde).  Our mascara is formulated with olive and rice wax, contains no petro-chemicals, is vegan and water resistant.  No flaking or clumping!”

For Further Information

Candace Grenier, Pure Anada Cosmetics
1-866-569-2714 www.pureanada.ca
The Pure Boutique (online ordering for Pure Anada products)

Mascara Testimonial

Pure Anada mascara was my first experience with the product line, and I can’t say enough about truly what an amazing product it is!

I have always love putting makeup on,  but once I became aware of the health hazards in doing so, I had to find an alternative.  Mascara was the first on my list,  because I feel when I wear it that it really does “wake” up my eyes, and enhances them. Before I made the switch though, by the end of the day I was usually sporting raccoon eyes, from itching, rubbing and flaking. Not to mention they were red and irritated. I was even noticing that I seemed to be losing a lot of eyelashes! Definitely not what I needed my mascara to do.

I had the same result with a few other “natural” mascaras that I tried out as well. Then I discovered Pure Ananda. Pure Anada Mascara has been PH formulated perfectly for eyes. Even the most sensitive eyes, and those with contacts can wear this mascara.

There are no parabens or mercury and the mascara is even gluten-free and vegan! You get none of yuck, and all of what you want from a mascara, volume.

Another bonus is that Pure Anada is a Manitoba company.

Sherry Sobey, Generation Green at The Forks


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