Missy’s Story – A Special Photo

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My name is Dale Scott and I run the Body Mind and Spirit Show. I started just going to the show as an attendee, as I hurt from many issues, but mostly from the loss of my daughter.

Melissa Dawn (Missy) Scott was lost to us at the age of 15 in the small town of MacGregor MB. Cancer.

As a parent. how do we deal with this? As we struggled, I am afraid I was not much help to my wife (at the time) and my son.  For that I am sorry. Grief is a personal thing, we all deal with it in our own ways.

I have read extensively on grief and find some truth in the suggestion to become involved in a new purpose. For some, that might be an organization like M.A.D.D. or other causes. For me, it was the Body Mind and Spirit Show. I continued to work, but found some release in helping others and sharing our many stories.

On this path, before getting involved in the show, I decided to start a campaign called Kids Against Cancer. I went around Manitoba taking pictures of kids with cancer and had them as pictures on a calendar. I sold advertising on the calendars to pay for production and asked friends to help me sell them (thank you to all who helped!). They were sold as far away as Churchill, someone had heard and asked to help. We raised over $50,000 for cancer projects. There is a plaque in Cancer Care Manitoba’s building about the Kids Against Cancer donation.

During that time, I took a photography course at Red River College. As one of the pictures I tried, I took Missy’s school picture and laid an angel she had made me on top the photo, then I took a picture.

What I received, still to this day, makes me look in wonder and shed a tear (photo on the right).

Do you see the white ‘flash’ in the photo? It extends across the photo BEHIND the angel!

It went from one side to the other, but missed the angel. How is that possible? I went to my RRC instructor and asked what I did wrong.

He looked in wonder and said he had never seen that happen before and cannot explain the phenomenon. I knew the answer – my daughter was letting me know she had arrived on the other side and was well.

That is part of the reason I have physic  readers at the Body, Mind and Spirit Show, Sometimes all it takes is a message that allows us to move on. We never forget, but we learn to survive. Their messages are all around us if we choose to see and listen with our heart instead of our ears.

What have I learned or continue to learn…maybe we are to try and live for those who had to leave early…maybe we help others deliver calendars or whatever it is, to share their pain….maybe we have lived this pain so we can help others who are about to go there…maybe it is life…to feel joy we need to understand loss.

All I know is don’t waste what gifts we have been given. The gift to walk, talk, hear, feel, share and care. We can make this a better world.  On April 22, 2018, come and share with us at the Body, Mind, and Spirit Show at the Cabota Center. We will be donating to a Cancer Care project in the name of all those who have lost someone. And it just so happens (divine synchronicity), April 22 is Missy’s birthday!

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