New Book: Soul Fire Cafe by Lesia Zablockij

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Introducing Soul Fire Café Making Peace with the One in the Mirror.

IMG_2484At Soul Fire Café you will be introduced to a friendship between Myla and Jane and become part of their conversations about life, loss and starting over. Soul Fire Café was created as the author was forced to find her way through a world that was turned upside down. Years of training helped her make sense of her new world but she also discovered how widespread this disconnection ran for others.Hopefully, this book is a way for people to reconnect with their longest and most important relationship – the one they have with themselves. The groundwork of Soul Fire Café is self-awareness to healing barriers to happiness to igniting your soul.

Lesia has coached over 1,000 hours working with individuals and groups and would love to hear your story. She believes you are worth it because…
You’re kind of a big deal!

Available at, and
McNally Robinson in Winnipeg, Manitoba

About Lesia:

IMG_2489I created Soul Fire Café as a place to heal barriers to happiness. I wanted Soul Fire Cafe to be that place for others because I couldn’t find it when I needed it.

I help people find some of those missing pieces of their life’s puzzle. I can help because I lived it. The life I once knew disintegrated before my very eyes and I had to uncover those missing pieces to move into the next part of my life. I searched for the answer to the question “Who am I Now?” because everything I knew about my life no longer existed.

As I studied, I discovered that people have long-held beliefs and those beliefs are a major factor for self-sabotage. These beliefs are the reason that we are not where we thought we would be or where we want to be in life. I examine those old beliefs by uncovering old defining moments and then help my clients create new ones.

In order to make changes, you have to start with self-awareness and that is the groundwork of Soul Fire Café. From self-awareness to healing barriers to happiness to igniting your soul.

I found many assessments were a great tool for self-discovery. I acquired several designations so I could administer a variety of assessments and related programs. I work one-on-one and with groups offering one day up to 12 week workshops in person or by teleseminar. Some of the designations I hold are:

  • Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation
  • Core Temperament Essentials Trainer and Coach
  • Now What? Authorized Facilitator (90 days to a new Life Direction)
  • Grief Recovery Specialist
  • Sacred Money Archetype Coach
  • Coach U Core Essentials Graduate
  • Certified Print Coach
  • Myers Briggs Facilitator
  • Certified Story Coach
  • Life Purpose Institute Life and Career Coach
  • Strategic Learning Alliance Certified Professional Coach
  • Jack Canfield Success Principles Coach Graduate
  • Barbara Sher Success Team Leader
  • Career/Employment Counselling Honor Student

IMG_2475I have shared some of my client’s testimonials on my website and encourage you to take a look.

I invite you to enter Soul Fire Café. I would love to hear your story. It has been a long journey for me to get here. It would be an honour to help you shorten your journey and heal your barriers to happiness.

I know you are worth it!



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