Online Writers’ Guidelines

Who We Are & What We’re Looking For

The Aquarian Online is an extension and evolution of The Aquarian newspaper.  The website now contains content that will be published separately from the print edition, and pays a small honorarium for articles published on the website only.  Please see our InPrint Writers’ Guidelines for more information.

As The Aquarian’s name suggests we identify with the New Age movement and present material that enlightens, educates and entertains our readers, that is researched, accurate, and factual, as well as experiential.  We want to present articles, features and columns that widen our understanding of those things that have a greater meaning, that add value, that provide purpose or  provide fulfillment and improve our quality of life.

We have four main classifications for our feature topics, and look for  submission between 750 – 1000 words (unedited) with a goal of publishing articles 750- 850 words in length.  Longer articles may be broken into a series at the editor and publisher’s discretion.

  • Body – holistic health  – natural, complementary, alternative, fitness, aging, nutrition, food choices,

  • Mind – culture, politics, philosophy, ethics, self improvement or personal development

  • Spirit – new religious movements, teachers, doctrines, practices,

  • Planet – environmentalism, the Green movement, sustainable development, food industry

As you can imagine, there is some overlap between all these categories as we seek to capture the alternative experience of the human condition as we push the boundaries and constraints of the way things have always been done, and look at what is currently shaping our world and what is manifesting in our individual and collective futures.

We accept original features, topical opinion pieces, interviews, and book, music or movie reviews of media that align with our subject matter. We encourage local writers, and a local slant in subject matter.

If you have an idea, please email us before you begin writing for us. We have a list of topics that need a writer – so if you have experience in writing, please reach out to us, as we would like to build a list of writers who would accept assignments. We may ask to see a sample of your writing (published or not), if we don’t know your work.  Links to  online articles count.  We want to make sure you can write well, and in the overall style of The Aquarian.  We will also want to know something about you, and your familiarity with The Aquarian and our overall subject matter.

Please email your queries to Kristi Dorian our managing editor. If you have a finished manuscript or audio file to submit for review, please email it as an attachment.

Due to the high numbers of inquiries and busy editors, it may take us a couple months or more to review your query and get back to you.  You’re welcome to submit your idea simultaneously to other publications; but do tell us if you are.

Payment and Terms

All submissions are reviewed and evaluated by our expert editor(s). As a local, (mostly) volunteer run community publication, our writer payment rates will probably be lower than other publications.

Payment quotes are at the discretion of the editor in collaboration with the publisher/owner of The Aquarian. Generally, the more work, research, talent and skill you invest in the article; the more original, topical and in sync with our editorial slant and needs your submission is; and the less we have to put into editing, rewriting, fact-checking, and so on, the more we pay.

Each submission’s payment quote is based on such things as the article’s final length, editing hours/expertise required and support needed throughout the process. You can expect a range anywhere from $10 to $25 (and possibly more for some exceptional submissions and/or writers).

You will also receive a link to your website and/or email address, if you have one. We want to encourage writers who are not seeking to promote their particular product or service, however we recognize that specialists in their field will write “what they know best” and produce acceptable articles that are more editorial than self-promotional.

We pay about one-third to one-half our regular rates for reprints or simultaneous first rights (as with a syndicated column).  We reserve the right to reject any submission, even one assigned or requested by us, if we feel the quality of the work is below our expectations.

Our Editorial Policy

Even experienced writers need editing. Once we accept your work for consideration/publication, your assigned editor will get to work. There will be back and forth, usually by email. You will be part of that process, as we see it as a collaboration with our writers to ensure we  both are proud of the final work.  We look forward to receiving your submissions!

A Note on Plagiarism


We have a zero tolerance policy for stealing or paraphrasing other writers’ work without giving credit.  And please quote your sources and provide reference details if you have been doing research. It helps us sort out the “that reads familiar” feeling. We expect your submission to be 95% original, with 5% quoted sources.

Pitch It!

Introduce yourself with your best “elevator pitch”, and tell us what you want to write about.  If we’re interested, we’ll ask for more detail, which will include:

  • “the mission statement” of your proposed piece – why are you choosing this topic.

  • What will your story tell  the reader that they don’t already know, but should?

  • What makes your story unique – valuable  – attractive to our readers?

  • Outline the content of your story as you currently envision it, with headline suggestion.

  • Write a sample lead paragraph and let us know if you can provide any visuals.

What’s your relationship to the subject(s) of your story? Are you an:

  • Independent writer?
  • Believer/advocate?
  • Practitioner/salesperson?
  • Protagonist/subject?
  • Independent expert?
  • Do you have a potential conflict of interest we should know about? Is the subject of the story a friend, colleague, great-grandmother?
  • Other?

Where will your content come from? Specify your sources:

  • Personal experience?

  • First- or second-hand info or anecdotes from other people?

  • Named sources you’ll be interviewing?

  • Written sources?

Send us published or unpublished samples of your writing (or links to them), noting if a sample is edited or unedited and where and when it was published or written.