Spiritual Success

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I attended a workshop series facilitated by Darlene Drewniak called Soul Alchemy: Ignite the Infinite.  At the workshop, a question was posed to the group: What do we feel defines spiritual success?

In our everyday lives, success is measured by many things, including the attainment of a goal, wealth, honours and performance of achievement. We often perceive others as achieving success if they are a millionaire, bestselling author or CEO of a company. With regards to spirituality, words like enlightenment, new age, self-love and healing abound. In those terms, would spiritual success mean you’ve reached a certain stage of enlightenment or self-healing? Is there such a thing as a spiritual goal to reach for? None of this felt right to me, so I pondered this question for a while to come up with my own answer.

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For me, spiritual success means I am present in every moment of my life. I check in constantly with myself to see how my body feels and where my breath is at. If I’m frustrated with a situation, I ask myself what energy I am contributing to it and how I can change it.

For me, it does not mean one huge revelation and spiritual success has been achieved for a lifetime. Every moment of every day is a chance for me to raise my vibration. Becoming aware of when I am triggered emotionally, stepping back into observation mode, feeling what has come up and allowing it to move through me rather than entering attack or defence mode, or reacting on the spot. I find that more often than not, when I am able to do this, I let go of false belief patterns within myself and resolve issues internally. This allows me the freedom and clarity to truly see when communication with another is necessary and when my ego may be getting in the way.

Spiritual success to me equates an uncompromising commitment to self. Each moment of my life is dedicated to being as aware in the moment as I can be. It means a level of self-responsibility to be as authentic and honest with myself as possible, in order to share that with others. It means learning to be vulnerable with others, observing when I have trouble with that and often stepping out of my comfort zone to do so. It means feeling the emotional triggers that bring on anger, sadness and any other emotion we perceive as negative in order for me to move on from the pattern of behaviour rather than recycling old beliefs.

If I achieve that type of awareness in every moment and continue the practice, then perhaps I’ve achieved some success. Yet, there will be always a higher vibration to attain. I am successful now. I will be more successful with practice. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about being present. If you’re interested in attending one of Darlene’s workshops, inquire at creationwithin@gmail.com.

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