Strength, Courage and Hope

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Shortly before I changed my gender, I was in a very dark place. The heavy clouds of depression made me feel like I could no longer carry on with the life I was living. I wrote “Strength, Courage & Hope” as a way to tell myself to find the strength and courage to move forward and to remind myself that there is still hope that things will get better.




Holding on when you want to just let go

Refusing to give up or give in anymore

Staying strong even when everything’s going wrong

Believing even when you’re lost

But sometimes strength is merely the ability to hide the pain

“You’re so strong” they say

But sometimes being strong is your only choice

What will get you through each day

Take that next step

Or even get up in the morning

Courage is going through things and still holding on

Being able to keep doing it

Day in and day out

Having courage isn’t always great

It just means you can go through it again and again

And no one knows just how much you break

How much pain is really underneath

Hope is always believing

Even when you lose what to believe in

Always seeing the end of that dark tunnel

Knowing it’s there and will come soon

But what happens when you hope for so long

And nothing changes at all?

When you open your heart to God or another belief

And things stay horrible for you anyways

Hope gives something to hold onto

Gives strength to conquer the day

And without it we break down and lose our way




Everything you need to get through to tomorrow

Take every step and stride

Make every decision

And take you where your heart leads

We all lose it sometimes

We all break down and fall apart

But in the end these things come back

And bring us to the surface again

Breathe in and out again


You have strength, courage and hope

Remember that!


rikki_muffywasfluffyRikki Dubois is a transgendered Winnipeg writer. She has two sons in university and is living with her partner, Charlene, and their black Pomeranian named Tux. Her book Muffy was Fluffy helps children understand what it means to be transgendered. Rikki is available to help those who have questions about gender dysphoria and other gender-related issues. Visit her website for contact information or for more examples of her written works.


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