The Art of Upcycle: Repurpose, Reclaim and Redefine Leisure Time

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The Art of Upcycle: Repurpose, Reclaim and Redefine Leisure Time

By Linda Bodo

Self-published by Absolute Bodo

(, 2010

Softcover, 126 pages, $21.95

Linda Bodo Came to her passion for turning old stuff into new artwork naturally. Her dad was an expert at salvaging materials and giving them a second life. “He even knew how to repurpose the second life and create something entirely new from its contents,” Bodo writes.

She also gained many ideas from her travels around the world. She met people who refused to let their waste “waste” away. Instead, Bodo says, “…they transform rubbish into something of greater value, be it functional or ornamental.”

Bodo encourages us to not just recycle, but to kick it up a notch into the art of “upcycle.”

The Art of Upcycle features 18 smaller projects and 14 major ones. You can make a light out of a soup tin can and discarded cutlery; a hanging seed planter for the birds out of a tuna can and wire; and a fancy flower holder by cutting the base off a wine bottle and supporting it upside-down (with the cork in!).

In the major projects department, you can tackle making a driftwood chair; a bed headboard made from an old door; or a computer table re-formed from a sawhorse.

For the Do It Yourselfer, this book is bound to stimulate new ideas for upgrading old objects into objets d’art.

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