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Abe Brown Coaching logo3Thirteen Questions for Abe Brown of

The Certified Coaches Federation

1. In business since:  2006

2. What exactly do you do: We train and certify life and executive coaches in over 100 cities in North America, and over 250 cities around the world.


Abe Brown, M.R.Ed./C., B.Th., C.P.C., Certified Master Coach
President, Certified Coaches Federation

3. Who will we meet when we visit your business (staff):  In Winnipeg, you will meet Abe Brown. Abe is the President of the CCF and has been working with CCF since 2009. Abe has a Coaching Company in Calgary called Momentum Coaching and has a huge passion for helping people with a passion for coaching to receive the skills and tools they need.

4. You started this because: We noticed other organizations were training and certifying coaches through a long and expensive process, and feel that coaching is simpler than that. The best coaches leverage their life experience, educational history, and work experience to serve and empower others. Coach training and certification is critically important to give us the tools we need to coach people and organizations effectively.

5. Your motto/vision statement:  Authentically align with your personal and organizational mission in a way that selflessly serves the most people.

6. Most gratifying moment:  Seeing clients achieve breakthrough moments and moments where the lights come on!

7. Biggest inspiration or influence:  Spiritual leaders around the world.

8. Any celebrity customers? (local or otherwise):  Several and some from Winnipeg, but privacy laws mean we cannot share.

9. What causes / charities / local events do you support?  A portion of all our revenue go to charities, both local and around the world. We have a huge focus on charities supporting women and children and a healthy environment.

IMG_117210. What business-related story do you tell at dinner parties?  About the time effective coaching grew a company’s revenue $5 million in the middle of recession on a $20 million base.

11. If you could tell your customers one thing about your business that they don’t know, what would it be?  Everyone is a coach right now. Simply put, some do it well and others do not. The ones who do it well need our training to validate what they are doing, and improve. The ones who do not do it well just need to sign up right away!

12. What do you hope your customers experience when they walk in the door? Amazing training that prepares them to coach and support others.

13.   Plans for the future?   Continue to train people, coaches, managers and leaders to interact with each other more holistically, in a healthier way, producing outstanding results.


Abe Brown, M.R.Ed./C., B.Th., C.P.C., Certified Master Coach
President, Certified Coaches Federation


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