The Daisy List

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Bottom of the list, I place my name.
Going to work and playing the game.
Soon to be forty, I change my fate,
And love my life, now I celebrate.
Thanks to my family, hugs for my friends,
Indulge myself, true love never ends.

Celebrate Life!

As of October 31, 2010, I celebrated 40 years on this planet. The adventures and the chaos, the successes and learning opportunities along this journey have transformed me into the person I am today – astounding!

For this particular landmark, I chose the motto “Celebrate Life!” then brainstormed forty joyful activities to be completed in the forty days counting down to my 40th birthday.

*     *     *

The Daisy List

After my forty days of celebration, I decided to create my Daisy List – activities I want to complete before I die and start “pushing up daisies” (my twist on the infamous Bucket List). I designed a daisy poster, writing on each petal a specific goal. When I’ve completed an activity, I’ll pluck the petal and place it in a special container – a visual reminder of  the intentions, manifestations and blessings in my life.

Excerpted from Kristi’s Kaleidoscope, Winter 2010
Illustration by Orange Sky Creatives, 2013

What’s on YOUR Daisy List?


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