The Ravaging Prairie Fires

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From my bed in the early morn I rise,
and opening my window look up to the sky.
The golden eye of the sun smiles on the earth below
which is agleam from the sun’s heavenly glow.

Into my lungs the pure, morning air I breathe,
and look at the trees swaying gently in the breeze.
The earth looks so green and so much alive.
I pray that this beauty remains with us for quite a while.

For some time Nature’s beauty could not be seen
as the wild fires destroyed so many beautiful scenes.
The land looked brown and so very dry.
Many prayed for rain as they looked up to the sky.

For days the golden glow of the sun was hidden
as gray, smoky winds blanketed the heavens.
In anger the sun’s eye glared eerily red.
People would look around them in horror and dread.

Until the ravaging fires went away,
in our homes we were told to stay.
The smell of the smoke would damage our lungs
if from our homes we ventured around.

Daily, the firemen battled the fires and smoke.
Never once did these brave men give up hope.
The deadly smoke some would inhale,
but their courage and persistence never did fail.

For those whose homes were destroyed
neighbours eagerly rushed to be by their side.
Into their homes they were welcomed to stay
until the ravaging fires went away.

People were told not to water their lawns
as it was needed to quench the flames thirsty glands.
Birds in the skies we could not see for a while
as the smoke covered the vast, endless sky

Finally, the heavens above opened up its doors,
and torrents of rain the earth did soak.
In the rain, children would splash the water around,
as they played on the wet and soaking ground.

For a week the heavens continued to rain.
Evacuees were able to return to their homes again.
To the needy much help continues to be given
that at times it seems like manna from heaven.

Ever so slowly the land once more became green.
People were enrapt by Nature’s beautiful scene.
The sun’s golden eye now shines so beautifully bright.
Nature’s beauty is a wonderful, and healing sight.

How precious is God’s gift of life for all.
We should be there for others when they fall.
This beautiful planet we must protect and care.
For now old and weary, it needs all our love and care.

By Hilda Simmons

In awe of nature’s beautiful landscapes, Hilda Simmons finds nature’s beauty has a calming and inspirational effect on her. Originally from Guyana, formerly British Guiana in South America, Hilda now lives in Lethbridge, AB enjoying her retirement. Her poems touch on love of nature, love of family, loss of loved ones, animals and spirituality. The Poetry Institute of Canada in British Columbia has also published some of her poems.


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