To My Husband

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Life, they say, is mapped out by fate.
That’s so true, as I found my perfect mate.
I still remember the day that we met.
Was that day, of our meeting, by heaven set?

During my last year of school was when we met.
It is a day that I will never forget.
As I sat lazing on the warm, sandy beach,
you came and sat quietly within my reach.

Every so shyly I introduced myself.
Somehow I felt in my life there would be no one      else.
A smile like the sun lit up your face.
I knew from then you would be my soul mate.

I remember how happy we both felt that day.
I prayed that the happiness would not go away.
Splashing in the river we had so much fun
under the sparkling and shining sun.

I remember the day you declared your love for me.
I prayed that one day your wife I would be.
So young, but oh, so much in love!
Our love, I know, was a gift from heaven above.

Over the years, our love continued to grow.
With no one else I wanted to go.
On the day we were wed I’ll always remember.
Its happiness will remain with me forever.

Our daughter’s birth brought us so much joy.
You cried as I held her tenderly by my side.
Into a beautiful woman she has now grown.
With us by her side she’ll never be alone.

In sickness and health, you’re always there,
with words of comfort to show us you care.
To me, and others you’re always so kind.
A better person in my life I cannot find.

God, please grant us a long and happy life.
My love, I pray forever to be your wife!
A faithful husband and loving father.
May we be together forever after.

By Hilda Simmons

In awe of nature’s beautiful landscapes, Hilda Simmons finds nature’s beauty has a calming and inspirational effect on her. Originally from Guyana, formerly British Guiana in South America, Hilda now lives in Lethbridge, AB enjoying her retirement. Her poems touch on love of nature, love of family, loss of loved ones, animals and spirituality. The Poetry Institute of Canada in British Columbia has also published some of her poems.


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