Vibrational Energy Healing

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Caroline Heath of Vibrational Energy Healing

1. In business since:  In my early life, I had a business background and all that “energy stuff” terrified me. In 1994, I was introduced to Brain Gym, became a licensed teacher of Educational Kinesiology Brain Gym. That experience opened my heart and soul to energy work and led me along a varied path of learning for over 20 years. My passion for sharing, teaching, and helping others heal their lives continues to grow and thrive.

2. What exactly do you do:  Everything in creation is energy i.e. frequency and vibration. Every problem is an energy problem and I believe everything is healable. I am a metaphysician and spiritual teacher, offering my wisdom and giving people tools to heal themselves. I work with a person’s energies and explain that every thought, word and action is a vibration affecting their lives either positively or negatively, creating health or illness in their systems. I also believe people need to understand their role or responsibility in changing or healing their lives.

I have studied many healing modalities (including Huna Kane, Educational Kinesiology Brain Gym, Energy Balancing and the Chakra System, Soul Psychology and Transformation.) and draw upon those skills to help reconnect people to who they really are – magnificent and wonderful! As we grow up and move through life, we forget who we are and start separating from our God spark. Our spiritual journey is to remember who we are and let our light shine here on earth; to reconnect to our divine selves.

I had to start by learning to love and heal myself. Now I help others see their magnificence, help them take back and stand in their own power so healing can happen. In our Western culture we focus on the physical body first, I challenge people to find the source of the illness or issue – in the emotional body, the mental body, the ethereal body, in our DNA or cellular memory, maybe even passed down through our lineage, for example.

I usually work one-on-one with clients in person but can also do remote or distance work using the phone or other technologies. Or travel to your location if possible.



3. Who will we meet when we visit your business (staff):  You will work directly with me. If I feel another modality or professional would be of benefit, I happily refer people to other healers.

4. You started this because:  I deeply feel the pain in the world, in others and want to be part of the healing solution.

5. Your motto/vision statement:

Everything is energy.

All people are our brothers and sisters.

Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

6. Most gratifying moment:  Witnessing people heal, embrace their light and reconnect to the Divine.

img-823090900-00017. What Inspires you? What is your biggest inspiration or influence?:  I am inspired by Wayne Dyer’s work – he was a very gentle spirit and great teacher.  Eckart Tolle also is one of my biggest influences and I feel he is a great gift to us as a teacher.  I also am inspired by Oprah Winfrey. While I am helping to change people one by one, she has the power and reach to change the world.

8. What are some of your company’s milestones, awards, events and special celebrations? Over the many years of my study and work I have had the honour of presenting at three world conferences;  presented to my Brain Gym peers at a conference in Toronto, ON with founder Dr. Dennison in attendance and I have appeared on television and radio shows.

9. What causes / charities / local events do you support? I am an avid donator and encourager of my fellow human beings. Charities I have supported include World Vision/Plan Canada, the Salvation Army, MS Society, Heart and Stroke Foundation.

10. What business-related story do you tell at dinner parties? If the topic of conversation turns to health I may say that I believe every illness is curable. I go on to share my personal experience overcoming and healing an ‘incurable’ disease called Myasthenia gravis (defn: a chronic autoimmune neuromuscular disease characterized by varying degrees of weakness of the skeletal (voluntary) muscles of the body.)

I go on to explain that I believe we cause illness and we can heal illness, miracles happen every day. I teach and follow the belief that we can go within to dissolve the pattern that created the illness and accept a divine healing…so it is.

I went to hospitals in the States and in Canada. Opinions varied. Here in Winnipeg, a young doctor sent me home saying I had an anxiety attack. One close friend, a nurse, who took me to the hospital received a ‘message’ that I had Myasthenia gravis. Sure enough, doctors verified the information. Because I work with the angels, I was told she received that message to save my life, that my work is not done here. I was guided by the angels every step of the way to healing and health.

As a nurse, my friend later sent in a letter detailing the situation. Doctors now learn of myasthenia gravis in their schooling.

11. If you could tell your customers one thing about your business that they don’t know, what would it be? The healer is not me. I am only the facilitator. The healer is within you. My job is to reconnect you to more of who you are and to your own magnificence. After all the courses I’ve taken, and the many, many years of study at the ancient mystery schools with the angels – I know this to be true. YOU can heal the source of your health issues.

What if there was a safe and natural way that you could activate a physical function built into the body that removes or heals up to 95% of all illness? The immune system can then do its job by healing whatever is out of balance in the body. The work I do, vibrational energy healing, does and it has been validated by the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) test, the gold standard medical test for measuring stress in the anatomic nervous system.

The tools I utilize assist in the healing of such issues as disease, illness, relationships, financial problems, pets, animals, negative images, unhealthy believes, destructive cellular memories, and the list goes on.

Vibrational energy healing focuses on healing issues of the heart, to remind you of your magnificence and to gently guide you home to your source within. It releases blocked energy and stress. Stress is the  number one killer of today. Everything in God’s creation is energy vibrating at its own frequency. Although we have known for a long time that destructive energy patterns cause stress and health problems, little is being done by modern medicine to resolve these patterns. The reasons you haven’t heard about these truths is that no one has found a reliable, consistent, validated, predictable way to change destructive energy patterns which are at the root of illness. More over, even attempting to do so does not fit the paradigm of traditional modern medicine which focuses on chemical treatment not prevention for healing energy.

What is this amazing healing energy? Just as all the colours of light are contained in pure white light; similarly all virtues are contained in pure love – courage, trust, loyalty, joy, peace and patience.  It is the ability to learn to love ourselves and know that we are magnificent and are created by a God of love. The God I worship is the God of love, not fear. The energy of pure love will heal anything and it may be the only power that will. The vibrational frequencies of love are the ultimate healing resource.

There are only two emotions in our world – love (as mentioned above) and fear, in all its derivatives (hate, greed, control, envy, guilt, pain, the list goes on again). If it isn’t love, unconditional love, then it’s fear. Fear is a low vibrational energy frequency, love is a high vibrational energy frequency.

Vibrational energy healing heals issues of the heart. You might ask, “How can something that is physical like skin lesions or Lou Gehrig’s disease be healed within a matter of weeks and months?” Well,stress is at the root of these problems. This healing work heals stress. Stress needs to be removed at the cellular memory level (originally thought stress was held in our brains, but new research found it’s in every cell of our bodies). Your immune and healing system are capable of healing anything and stress is at the root of  every problem – emotional, mental and physical. The one source of illness and disease in the body is physiological stress, and this type of healing work has been found to eliminate this kind of stress in the body verified by the HRV tests.

I am a spiritual teacher, for many years I have been blessed to work with the angelic realm in this sacred healing work. I allow and embrace the energy consciousness to flow through me. In a merged state of oneness, I reconnect you to your divine self, essence or source within, the connection to all there is, the all knowing part of you. I allow you to claim this as your birth right, to live a life filled with good health, joy and abundance. Once you remember that all life functions are in accordance with natural laws (love thy neighbor and so on) and apply these laws in your daily life, you have mastered life. Mastery simply means being sovereign over your own kingdom, you have mastered yourself which is oneness.

Spirit can assist you in healing whatever you may be creating, experiencing, or manifesting in your life situation – physical, mental or emotional issues.

In the Bible, Psalms 91, verse 11 – “For he (God) shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.”

12. What do you hope your customers experience when they walk in the door?  I want people to feel welcome and at peace. I offer a place of rest and do my best to empower people to be happy and healthy. Everyone is my brother or sister and I am here to help.

13.   Plans for the future?  To start a foundation dedicated to building a safe haven for my brothers and sisters who are homeless.


Caroline Heath                                         For Brain Gym, I also highly recommend my colleague:
Vibrational Energy Healing                       Noreen Kolesar
Winnipeg, MB                                           204-837-6849
Phone: (204) 832-6119                            EMAIL


From my clients:

Caroline is a generous, warmhearted and loving human being. Her concern and care for the earth, the people/clients she works with, her friends and family shines through.

Caroline and I first met in the mid 90s when I wrote an article about Brain Gym. A few years ago we reconnected when she contacted me with an interest in becoming an Aquarian volunteer (and all around promoter!) to help distribute the newspaper. 

Caroline shared her work with me through several sessions for energy clearing and reconnecting, goal setting and refocusing to change unwanted patterns in my life. She can far better explain the details of what she does, she was a valued support and effective tool in my repatterning intentions.

Caroline synthesizes her vast knowledge, information and expertise from years of study and ongoing reading to create a specific plan for each client.

Thank you Caroline!
Kristi Dorian, Aquarian Publisher


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