What the Stars Have in Store for You in 2019

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Find your sign for a preview of the new year


One of the benefits of tracking the stars astrologically is that we can get a sense of the quality of the energy around us at a given point in time. It’s not so much about forecasting specific events, but rather focusing on the ebb and flow in which we find ourselves. The Bible reads, “There is a time for everything under the heavens.” Understanding what that time might be is useful when making plans, setting intentions and following through. So, in the following short synopsis, I will attempt to focus on the quality of the energy around each sun sign for the following year.

In general, we have been living through disruptive and challenging times. The planet Pluto, signifier of transformation and change, has been transiting Capricorn since 2008 and will continue to be found in that sign until 2024. Capricorn is aligned to all things orderly, structured, managerial and supervisory. This long transit of Pluto through the energy of the status quo can certainly be evidenced in our social climate these days. Secrets are being revealed, the rule of law is being tested and those who seem to be in charge have suddenly found themselves to be less securely so than they thought. Hierarchy is being shaken by the sudden and unexpected rise of all forms of populism, whether on the right or the left. The silent majority is stirring. 

This energy of disruption was further facilitated by Uranus when in 2010 that planet began its transit of Aries, the energy of combativeness, revolt and even aggression. This unpredictable planet has now poked its nose into the energy of Taurus and will continue to remain there for the next seven years. Taurus is aligned to core values, stability and the underpinnings of structure. Expect to see many changes of heart and mind over the next seven years. Expect your own sense of what is right and wrong to be turned on its head. Keep examining why you do the things you do and how you go about doing them. Demand authenticity from yourself and request it from those around you. This is a time period that will be explored by the historians of the future. Let’s all work hard to ensure they have something to explore.

Now, onto the more personal! Firstly, mark in your 2019 calendars the following dates when the planet Mercury – ruler of communication, process and logic  – appears to be stationary or moving backwards in the sky:

March 5–28, through Pisces

July 7–31, through Cancer and Leo

October 31 to November 20, through Scorpio.

As a fast-moving planet, Mercury transits through the entire zodiac rapidly, never spending much time in each sign. But when this little fellow does stop, and then starts to move backwards through the signs, all sorts of things can happen. The thing to keep in mind is that each individual will experience the retrograde of Mercury uniquely, all the way from nothing much to serious situational challenges. It all depends on how Mercury is featured in your individual energetic makeup. However, whether mild or severe, it’s a good idea to be aware of these pockets of time. Back up your computer, read any contracts over several times, write down instructions carefully, be cautious when making large investments during these periods and watch your language when in conversation. It’s not that you must not do any of the things mentioned; it is that you must be mindful if you have to do them. As an example, you may have to sign a contract during one of these periods. Read everything over carefully and do so several times. If you can delay the actual signing for a few weeks, do so. If it is critical that you sign immediately, then just be uber mindful.

Now, let’s review the twelve signs and get a sense of what is going on for each of them. The following descriptions apply not only to your sun sign, but to your Moon and Ascendant signs, too, if you know what they are.


Strong Aries types have been through the wringer for the past seven years with Pluto bombarding you from the corner and Uranus sitting on top of your head. Well, one of those elements is now almost over. The Uranus effect will steadily diminish over the course of 2019, since this planet will be shifting into Taurus and staying there for the next seven years. However, the onslaught of Pluto continues, especially for late degree Aries folks. If your birthday falls in early April, you are still being called upon to make profound changes in your life, to examine who you truly are and to be authentic in every possible way. Aries types love challenges, so embrace the change, little Aries, and evolve! Saturn, the planet of personal responsibility and management, is now providing all Aries types with the opportunity to stand up and be counted. You have the chance to take charge of your reality in a definitive fashion. This is a grow-up period for you, a time when you can demonstrate just how responsible you can be. Exciting and satisfying, for sure!


Get ready, Taurus! Your secure, steady reality is about to be turned on its head. Expect the unexpected and prepare for movement. Taurus can often be inclined to sit and veg out, so these next seven years as Uranus – the god of lightning – transits through your sign are going to be like going to the amusement park and trying out every hair-raising ride you find. The best strategy for you to ride out this whirlwind-like transit is going to be a willingness to explore options. Yes, we all know you like things to stay the way they are, but there is also some benefit from being adaptable, open to change and ready to alter your course if you need to. Life direction can change dramatically under this unpredictable and exciting transit.


Time for a breather, Gemini. You have been challenged over the past few years to take stock, examine yourself and grow up. You still may be feeling a bit unsure about who you are and what you actually want, but your natural resilience and curiosity is operating at a high level at the moment. Some of the soul-searching you have done will help you stay open to inspiration and not rush to judgment. For those of you born in early June, you may still be experiencing some uncertainty in the area of personal identity and purposefulness, but use this year to explore any and all options without jumping to any conclusions.


You are in the midst of profound realignment. You may well be feeling burdened, challenged and cornered. Too many responsibilities? Probably. Challenged on all sides? Certainly. This time period for you could well be likened to a dark night of the soul, depending on the rest of your natal energy. The astrological counsel is to stand firm, suck it up and shoulder through it. This is, ultimately, transformation through action. Be willing to accept personal responsibility. Acknowledge your weaknesses and fortify your strengths. This too shall pass.


For early Leos, born around July 23 to August 2, you may well feel some of your well-crafted foundations shaking under the tap, tap, tapping of Uranus as it moves into Taurus. You may feel as if it is time to re-invent yourself all over again. The urge for something exciting and preposterous may well nag at you from the corners of your mind. At the beginning of the year, you Leos could feel the urge to suddenly pack your bags and take off. Throughout the entire year, your imaginative side is working in overdrive. Follow your muse. Find your impossible dream and slay those dragons!


Those of you born from August 27 to September 19, and especially September 5 to 8, may well be experiencing some ambivalence or even confusion as to your sense of purpose and direction. You may be processing through issues related to identity, including anything from an internal and private level all the way to indecision about career options. You may have suddenly come to realize you really don’t like what you are doing and no longer find a sense of satisfaction in it. Well, don’t worry overly much, Virgo, there is plenty of powerful energy flowing into your psychic structure at the moment. Tap into your ability to stand up and bear the load of any situation you are in. Access your incredible strength to sort through just about anything. Rely on that calculating mind to figure out strategies that will support, sustain and heal you. You are the problem-solvers of the zodiac and, even when faced with potential ennui and confusion, your default response is to roll up those sleeves and get busy cleaning things up!


The last few years have probably made you think hard about who you are and why you are the way you are. You may have accepted the surprises or you may have denied them. You know you have a most superlative ability to keep those rose-coloured glasses firmly fixed, even when the winds are howling and the rain is pounding down. Well, your moment of truth has arrived. You are being called upon to be brutally honest about yourself and to accept the consequences of your actions. If you have been holding fast to your basic values, not waffling or compromising about that which you hold to be immutably important, then this next period of time will be like a full body cleanse that ends with your having a greater sense of empowerment, resolve and an unfettered conscience! If, on the other hand, you have been breaking your contract with yourself and those around you, you may have to do some rapid-fire soul-searching and fess up to your sins of omission or commission. Don’t worry, Libra, we never thought you were perfect in the first place, so we will continue to love you no matter the scope of your transgressions!


You always seem to be processing through something or other, so the next seven years will be a walk in the park for you. As Uranus transits your partner sign of Taurus, you will be confronted with a variety of challenges and questions that will force you to peer honestly, even brutally, into the deepest parts of your soul. Excited? Digging into the pile of manure is something Scorpio relishes! The more you can uncover and relinquish, the better for most Scorpios. You are intrinsically equipped to do the dirty work. Your courage and willpower are some of your greatest assets. There’s not much out there that makes you blink, so embrace the change that awaits you over the next seven years.


After the last few years of facing reality and taking stock of the limitations present in your reality, it’s time to shake, rattle and roll, Sag! Jupiter – the planet representing opportunity, expansion, serendipity and the sheer joy of luck – is transiting your sign. This transit occurs once every 12 years, plus or minus. Indians call him Ganesh, the elephant god. Expect doors, even floodgates, to open before you. Enjoy the companionship of both old and new friends. Explore  – something you love to do – the most outlandish possibilities that present themselves. Go back to school. Throw extravagant parties. Join a new club. Go to the gym. Your life is about to be filled with activity. The one thing to keep in mind is to know when you should say no. This transit can be rather overwhelming despite the fact that it is a whole lot of fun!


Saturn has entered the room, Capricorn! Over the next two years, it will be transiting through your sign, demanding you face reality, accept responsibility and do what needs to be done. Though this kind of transit can be a lot of hard work on every level, you, of all the energies of the zodiac, just can’t wait to get right down to it. Generally speaking, you welcome it. At the same time, you have been undergoing a makeover as Pluto also transits your sign and Uranus has been shooting fiery arrows at you from the background. It’s been a soul-testing period. You may well have changed your viewpoint on things, and that is no small undertaking for you. You may have had to face truths about yourself that have not been entirely pleasant. But now you are ready to take up the challenge and prepare to follow through on any resolutions you have made. You love being in charge, Capricorn, and now you can show it by being in charge of yourself!


With your vision and foresight, you are nearly always ready for anything, Aquarius. You have the capacity to see the big picture, read the deeper implications and, thus, flow with the energy. Over the next seven years, you have the opportunity to try things out, explore options, realign your perspective and redraw your future. You may well be feeling like it’s time for a change and you are ready to start laying the groundwork for it as Uranus moves into a dynamic relationship with your energy. Expect to be energized and inspired. Your already unusual mind will be even more filled with imagination. Business people, try new protocols. Artists, create! As the energy of the future, you embrace the excitement of possibility; and over the next few years, you have the opportunity to turn those possibilities into realities if you want to.


Neptune, the god of fog and the divine, is still firmly settled in your psyche. It will continue its transit of your energy until 2025. Yes, I know, it’s a ways off, but more than any other sign, you, Pisces, understand Neptune. You know intuitively how to navigate your way through the unknown and unclear. You know in your bones how to touch the face of the divine and survive. You may have been undergoing a bit of upheaval in terms of personal identity, but your capacity to detach and dream is what gets you through the more challenging times of self-doubt and denial. For those of you who are on a spiritual path, this could well be one of the most inspirational times of your entire life journey. Because you have the ability to travel far beyond the limits of this reality, you may well have been having peak experiences, moments of incredible clarity and a deep sense of purposefulness. If, on the other hand, you have been feeling uncertain, confused and downright muddled up, take up some kind of personal spiritual practice like yoga or meditation. Pour your vivid self into the search for meaning or the pursuit of personal excellence. What matters is not that you know where you are going, but that you know that you are going. So, move it forwards, backwards, sideways, up or down. All that matters is that you do move!



Winnipegger Christina Rai is an evolutionary astrologer and published author. You can find her latest novel, Finding Grace, at McNally Robinson Booksellers. You can reach her at christinaraiw@gmail.com. Visit Christina’s website at christinarai.com


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