Why I Always Pass Along Animals’ Messages

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Sometimes what our pets have to say hurts


As he wobbled across the lawn towards me, his green eyes pierced mine. It was clear from his gait that he was ill. Yet, he was determined to come to me, regardless of what his caregiver said. He was an old black cat on the surface, but one with clear intention to deliver a message.

His elderly caregiver remained standing at her car, calling him. He ignored her and continued to walk to where I stood on the sidewalk. I had been walking past on my way to a house on that street when he came out of his home. As I felt his gaze, I stopped and waited for him.

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When he finally reached me, he plunked down and gazed at me. He said I needed to tell his caregiver that it was time he transitioned. He was going to the vet and wasn’t coming back. “Tell her that. Prepare her,” he directed. Telepathically, I stammered back to him that I didn’t know his caregiver; she would think I was some crazy stranger walking by and trying to fill her with fear. I said I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t tell her. I will never forget his look. There was no judgement, just resignation, yet acceptance. He struggled up and began to walk towards her, step by painful step.

I walked a bit with him and engaged her in a brief conversation. It was then I learned he had kidney disease. Each time she took him to the vet, he was hydrated and he stayed a little longer with her. She told me they were going to the vet again and he would be okay once he was hydrated. I knew differently but remained silent, torn between telling a total stranger disturbing news from her cat or continuing to mind my own business in fear of her thinking I was crazy. I lacked courage.

After my conversation with his caregiver, I continued walking. In just a few steps, I realized I had to tell her what her cat had said. I quickly turned around, but it was too late. She had driven away.

I had let my lack of courage and fear of being called crazy interfere with an animal’s message. I vowed to never allow that to happen to me again, and it hasn’t. Animal’s messages are both honoured and given, regardless of the reception. No longer does fear stifle my words when it comes to messages from our animal companions.

I have learned to be more tactful than just delivering the exact message the animal gives me. Say in the case of a caregiver who wants to know how her pet feels about her new boyfriend and the dog replies in a strong negative manner. Then I might say something like, “Oh, he says your boyfriend makes you happy,” rather than “He’d like you to get rid of him.”

Camille is a regular contributor to the Aquarian. She has communicated with animals for over 30 years, with the focus of her gift directed at strengthening communication between the animal and caregiver. As a channeller and Reiki Master, she offers healing sessions and channelled guidance to her human clients. 

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