Wild Wisdom: Hummingbird A Legacy of Pure Joy

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If you have had the experience of hosting hummingbirds in your garden or yard, then you are truly blessed. These little creatures are a miraculous ode to the creator. Just by existing, they defy all logic! And, yet, here they are among us, bringing us hours of entertainment and joy once they arrive with the warm weather.

Joy and creativity

The message that hummingbirds offer us is one of relentless joy and creativity. Did you know their fluttering wings move in the pattern of the infinity symbol? As we sit and watch them flit from bloom to bloom, we are unconsciously joining in the ritual dance of creation; the infinity symbol represents the continuity of eternity, forever and ever. Even if our eyes cannot track the movement of their wings – and certainly they move at a rate that exceeds the capacity of human vision – the pattern is impressed into our minds as we gaze at them.

The infinity symbol promises that whatever else may occur, there is a thread that binds us all and that, at some point, we may find that thread and join ourselves to it. Within this symbol is the secret to freedom and joy: the past – a focus for regret – and the future – a focus of anxiety – are only valid in terms of the present. Spiritual seekers of all sorts have come to realize that only the now is real and that being fully engaged with the now releases us from the regret and anxiety that will inevitably consume us if we waver from our focus on the ongoing present moment in time. It sounds easy, but is not so easy in practice. However, if you have the opportunity to sit and watch hummingbirds, you may find yourself more fully engaged with the present moment, if only temporarily.


The infinity symbol also draws us within. It is deep within our own consciousness that we find the sweetest nectar. No wonder a primary message of hummingbird is that when we go within we find the sweetest nectar. Just as the hummingbird drinks deep with her long, strangely shaped tongue from blooms of every sort, so can we explore the many and varied aspects of our own inner blossoming as we delve into the mystery that is ourselves.

Lightness of being

This little bird also reminds us to keep it light. A lightness of being enhances the joy factor in our lives. If we approach everyone and everything that comes our way with a lightness, it is unlikely that we will find ourselves embroiled in drama. Just as hummingbird releases all negativity through the swift action of her wings and her ability to suddenly change direction dimensionally, so should we apply this adaptability in our own lives. By being willing to change if needed, we keep all options open. We retain a degree of independence that fixity and stubbornness can never give us. By being open to possibility, we open the door to joy and avoid the feeling of being stuck in a rut. Often, a solution to a challenge presents itself if we are mentally flexible enough to actually consider it. All of these elements are woven into hummingbird’s message to us.


Another rather extraordinary fact about hummingbird is that this tiny little life form travels from Central America and Mexico all the way up into the Canadian provinces each and every year! Remember, this tiny creature is barely four inches long and some are as small as two inches. The smallest of them weigh less than two grams! Our minds cannot actually fathom how something so small can make such a long journey through the winds and weather that must occur and, yet, each year, there they are in our gardens! This resilient, tireless ability to accomplish one’s goals is a great stimulus to us in our much more ordinary lives. Imagine if you had to travel from southern Mexico up north into Canada at the change of the seasons! I imagine it wouldn’t happen with the regularity and tenacity that belongs to hummingbird. But the message is clear. Keep at it, says the little bird.

Vibrational Healing

The vibration that hummingbird creates as she moves rapidly from flower to flower, pollinating as she goes, is a symbol of the higher vibrational levels of being and the capacity to plug into these levels to facilitate healing. Not surprisingly, hummingbird is linked to energy and herbal healing. She reminds us to include alternative approaches to healing in our routines. Eat fresh food, drink lots of sweet water and spend at least a few hours of your day surrounded by nature. Even if we live in the city, we can create little eco environments for ourselves. Apartment dwellers can add a few pots for growing things onto their balconies, while those of us with gardens can plant veggies and herbs to use all summer and store for the winter. The key is to keep moving. Flow comes from movement, and movement means using those arms and legs with a fierceness, if we can.

Mysterious magic

Hummingbird feathers have long been representative of magic. They are iridescent and glimmer in the rays of the sun. They are a symbol of the other side of reality, that place that holds the seeds of creativity. You can use hummingbird feathers to trigger inspiration if you are fortunate enough to ever find some or blessed enough to be gifted with some. They are rare indeed, signifying that the creative process is elusive and mysterious. If, however, you do come across any hummingbird feathers, consider yourself chosen and step into the power of your creative process. A group of hummingbirds is called a charm, and for good reason!

So, the next time you have the chance to enjoy a garden and hummingbird crosses your path, remember the gifts she brings to you. Sweetness, creativity, a lightness of being, magical mystery, inspiration and, above all, joy.

Now, listen to hummingbird as she sings her sweet song:

Come, fly with me as I dance from bloom to bloom. Watch me as I stop, as I start, as I stop again, almost as if by magic!

 I can be the one who flies. I can be the one who is still. I can go up. I can go down. In the flash of a moment, in the blink of an eye. Catch me if you can.

Though I may leave when the winter winds carry me away, I will return with the spring sun and bring you the grace of my presence yet again. 

Listen to the song that I sing. It is soft and secret. Find the rhythm in the humming of my wings and open your heart to it. Feel it move through you like a healing wave, from the bottom of your feet to the crown upon your head. I bring you wellness.

As you watch me, remember to open your fingers and release all that is bad. Let me remind you that laughter is a healing process. So, laugh, little one, laugh. There is no need to hang onto sorrow when the world is full of magic and the day is not yet done.

My feathers bring you a magical mystery to tickle your imagination and open up your senses. See how they shimmer in the sun, now blue, now green, now red, now purple. 

I am the many coloured one, bright and vivid, surrounded by the growing green earth. 

I am Hummingbird.

I bring you the fullness of the present moment. 

I bring you light. 

I bring you the sweetness of freedom in being. 

I bring you the breath of life.

And above all, I bring you joy.

Let me charm you now and forever more.



Christina Rai Wheelwright has studied with shamans, both locally and internationally. She is also an evolutionary astrologer, writer and energy worker trained in reflexology and craniosacral therapy. Visit Christina’s website at christinarai.com


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