Winter Solstice: Return of the Lord of the Light

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On December 21, 2016, at 4:44 AM we come to one of the most significant thresholds of the “wheel of the year.” The Lord of the Light is reborn and turns his face towards us once again here in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the Winter Solstice.

This point on the timeline has long been celebrated and revered by our ancestors and is now interwoven with faith celebrations. Many Christmas traditions find their origins in ancient Solstice festivities. The whole idea of the birth of a saviour aligns nicely with the solar shift into longer days that will eventually bring warmth and growth back to the frozen earth. The early Christians recognised the wisdom of incorporating long-held sacred days into a new expression of those days via Christian belief and doctrine. Was Jesus actually born on December 25th? Most historians will now tell you “NO!” but just as readily acknowledge the common sense that it took to establish this date as the birth of the Saviour.

shutterstock_95796190In our modern times, no matter your religion of choice, you may want to incorporate an appreciation for the most ancient of spiritual traditions – the acknowledgement and honouring of the Earth Mother and her relationship with the God of the Sky, the Sun – into your personal celebrations at this time of the year. This acknowledgement could be something as simple as lighting a candle in the colour of your choice on the 21st and taking a moment to set some intentions for the cycle that is beginning. The colour you choose can align to the goals that you set for yourself.

Red: Draws passion and love power. Good for partnership, personal drive, starting projects and general enthusiasm.

Green: Amplifies compassion and generosity. Good for opening the heart on the highest of levels, facilitating peace and engaging in acts of loving kindness.

Blue: Accentuates mental clarity and honesty. Useful when solving problems that require logic and process. Loosens rigid brain patterns and aids with perspective and objective thinking.

Orange: Heightens creativity and openness, increases the joy vibrations, activates the second chakra and gets things moving.

White: Purifies and cleanses. The highest of vibrational energies opens the doorway between the lower and higher self.

Black: Absorbs and transforms negative impulses (burn with a secondary candle, colour of choice). To be used mindfully at all times, but can be powerful when working with extreme negative energies.

Pink: Draws angelic protection. This colour is capable of dissolving any negative energies and returning them to the earth where they can be transmuted into raw resource.

Violet: Opens the crown chakra, connects to the higher self and establishes a strong divine vibration for the user. Can also increase intuitive, perceptive abilities.

Using colour in concert with the setting of intentions increases the potential positive outcome of any ritual. And, of course, mindfulness and goodness are necessary always. To get a sense of the energetic potentials of this particular solstice, let’s examine them astrologically.

The winter solstice aligns to 0 degrees Capricorn in the zodiacal wheel. This is one of the powerful cardinal points regarding energy. Capricorn energy, in general, focuses on management of resources, the husbanding of the natural power of the ecosystem, control and the execution of strategy in a mindful fashion, to name just a few aspects.

When we look at the astrological event chart for any given point in time, we can uncover what the specific energies of this solstice have in store for us. It certainly is an action-oriented time! There is a suggestion that we should all review the capacity and limits of our own resources to determine just how much we can contribute to the forwarding of the greater good. Ask yourself, “What can I do? What can I give? How can I help?” There is an inherent strength in numbers; there is a definite weakness in disunity. Find the other souls who share your ideals and join them in support for those ideals.

This is a time to rethink and review our basic philosophies, eradicate wrong thoughts, shift harmful thoughts into healing ones and stand firm for right principle. Our greatest rewards will come from turning inward and honestly facing those things in ourselves that need to be healed or even discarded entirely. The most significant benefits will be found in honest self-analysis and in aligning to a just cause. Emotional self-understanding leads to powerful, purposeful action. With the Moon located in Libra for this event, we are reminded to base our relationships on truth and honesty, not on selfish desire. It’s truly all about each other and not just about oneself!

The way that we go about our lives is critical to how our lives turn out. Are we smiling and loving, or are we grumbling and judgmental? The event chart has a powerful Scorpio energy fueling it. Scorpio does not tolerate deceit at the highest level. One of the symbols for Scorpio is the dove, and though hate is certainly powerful, nothing is as powerful as the pure impulse of compassion or love. This Solstice, we should meditate on how to use our personal power in a “dovelike” way. Though a frown may rain on your parade, a smile can undo distrust and fear. Try to smile more often than you frown for the coming year. As you clothe yourself with dovelike energy, it could change your reality in ways you cannot even imagine.

This is such a hopeful event chart, and with Leo at the uppermost part of it, we are reminded that we can and that we must celebrate one another. Compliment however and whenever you can those you love and even those you do not love. Find ways to agree rather than to disagree. If we can focus on all that is good, all that still works both in ourselves and in those around us, the new day will dawn, and the light will follow the dark.

Make the commitment that you will do just one good thing every day just for the heck of it. Some years ago, there was a movie made about this concept, the idea of paying it forward. That concept is valid. If we all paid it forward on a regular basis, our reservoir of goodness would be full to overflowing. This Solstice, we all have the opportunity to make some changes in the way that we go about our days, to insert humanity and loving kindness into our words and deeds. Let’s all try it and see what happens.



Christina Rai Wheelwright has studied with shamans, both locally and internationally. She is also an evolutionary astrologer, writer and energy worker trained in reflexology and craniosacral therapy. Visit Christina’s website at


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