With Self Responsibility Comes Great Power

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We often hear people say they are speaking their truth. But what is the difference between the voice and truth of the heart versus that of the ego?

For example, when an angry thought arises, we often become angry and then we respond to the situation in anger. This is a response to a triggered emotional space, which is the voice of the ego. It convinces us we are hurt and, therefore, must react.

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Learning to pause and observe what the ego is telling us is important to get to the root of the message. A physical or meditational practice, such as yoga or Qigong, allows us to find a space inside ourselves that is willing to step aside when we become emotional or stressed out. By stressing the body physically, we can learn what it feels like for our body to truly relax. From here, we can find that inner space and observe the fragments our ego is speaking from. Our daily practice grounds us. Having that physical point of reference for our bodies to relax under stress keeps us from being too astral or out of our bodies, making it easier to observe our emotional state.

There is a great level of self responsibility to this process. The ego is often loudest because we have listened to it the most. The chatter in our heads may run at a constant hum, whether it’s about bills, the kids, relationship woes, health and so on, and has probably been there most of our lives. As kids, we more than likely took on patterns from our parents, teachers and other caregivers. We’ve done this unwittingly, as we mimicked what others in our lives did.

Owning the responsibility to step out of it and hear the chatter the ego wants to keep us occupied with is important. When we begin this process, the ego will try all sorts of tricks. It will get louder. It may convince us we have an issue with something when we actually no longer do. It will do everything in its power to regain control. It will convince us that if we take a certain action, we won’t be safe, we won’t be loved, we won’t be whole and any other number of things. But it’s the ego that keeps us in separation.

When a situation is emotionally triggering, it’s important to honour the feelings that rise to the surface. Our pain is not us. We no longer have to hold onto it. Choose to see the message that is at the root of the ego’s flailing. We must make the choice to step into a new space by seeing how the current situation mirrored the past and how we can move beyond it.

Admitting when we are triggered is an important first step. Being responsible for our emotions is another. Stepping out of the judgment zone of blame, shame and guilt is important. Not making anyone or anything else responsible for our emotional state is key. Now we can speak from the truth in our hearts.

It takes a high level of self commitment and vigilance to stop communicating from a reactive space. It’s not easy and it takes practice. Whenever we communicate with another from our first reaction, we are not speaking from our heart. In order for us to achieve true heart expression, we must first discern what our ego voice sounds like.

When we hear it, we can stop it. Then our heart will show us how it wishes to be expressed. And with self responsibility comes great inner power.

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IMG_0499Kellie Kamryn is an award-winning erotic romance writer and voice actor, as well as former columnist for Evolved World. Her articles receive a wide reception on her personal website and elsewhere for her commitment to keeping it real, and helping people get in touch with their inner truth by sharing her personal experiences. Kellie loves to hear from readers, so if you have an experience to share, please comment!


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